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Berroco Alafoss Lopi Yarn ( 5-Bulky,100g )

100% new wool. 100 g (3.5 oz.) approx. 100 m. (109 yd.). Gauge: 13 sts to 10 cm(4") over St st using size 6-6½ mm (Old UK 4-3) (US 10-10). For warm winter garments that breathe Álafoss Lopi is the right yarn. Clothes knitted from Álafoss Lopi are cosy and lightweight. Made In Iceland. ..


LETTLOPI-0005_Black HeatherLETTLOPI-0051_WhiteLETTLOPI-0052_Black Sheep HeatherLETTLOPI-0053_Acorn HeatherLETTLOPI-0054_Light Ash HeatherLETTLOPI-0056_Ash HeatherLETTLOPI-0057_Grey HeatherLETTLOPI-0058_Dark Grey HeatherLETTLOPI-0059_BlackLETTLOPI-0085_Oatmeal HeatherLETTLOPI-0086_Light Beige HeatherLETTLOPI-0867_Chocolate HeatherLETTLOPI-1402_Heaven Blue HeatherLETTLOPI-1403_Lapis Blue HeatherLETTLOPI-1404_Glacier Blue HeatherLETTLOPI-1405_Bottle Green HeatherLETTLOPI-1406_spring Green HeatherLETTLOPI-1407_Pine Green HeatherLETTLOPI-1409_Garnet Red HeatherLETTLOPI-1412_Pink HeatherLETTLOPI-1414_Violet HeatherLETTLOPI-1415_Rough SeaLETTLOPI-1416_MoorLETTLOPI-1417_FrostbiteLETTLOPI-1418_StrawLETTLOPI-1419_BarleyLETTLOPI-1420_MurkyLETTLOPI-1700_Air BlueLETTLOPI-1701_Fjord BlueLETTLOPI-1702_MilkywayLETTLOPI-1703_MimosaLETTLOPI-1704_Apricot

Berroco Lett Lopi Yarn ( 4-Medium,50g )

LéttLopi Yarn by Lopi Istex Léttlopi (Lite Loppi) is a classic, 100% Icelandic wool, worsted weight yarn used to produce garments and accessories that are super comfortable and durable. Its high quality makes it perfect for outdoor wear as well. Great for fair isle work and felting as well as Icelandic-style sweaters, mittens, home decor and more. Hand wash and dry flat. Weight: 4 - Medium (Aran) | Ball Weight: 1.76 oz. / 50 g | Ball Length: 109 yards / 100 m | Content: 100% Wool Made In Iceland. ..


PLOTULOPI-0001_WhitePLOTULOPI-0003_Light Beige HeatherPLOTULOPI-0005_Black HeatherPLOTULOPI-0059_BlackPLOTULOPI-0484_Forest Green PLOTULOPI-1026_Ash HeatherPLOTULOPI-1027_Light Ash HeatherPLOTULOPI-1030_Oatmeal HeatherPLOTULOPI-1032_Chocolate HeatherPLOTULOPI-1033_Black Sheep HeatherPLOTULOPI-1038_Ivory BeigePLOTULOPI-1052_Denim HeatherPLOTULOPI-1053_Faded DenimPLOTULOPI-1421_Spruce Green HeatherPLOTULOPI-1422_Sea Green HeatherPLOTULOPI-1423_Clover Green HeatherPLOTULOPI-1424_Golden Yellow HeatherPLOTULOPI-1425_Sunset Rose HeatherPLOTULOPI-1426_Dark Amber HeatherPLOTULOPI-9102_Grey HeatherPLOTULOPI-9103_Dark Grey Heather

Berroco Plotu Lopi Yarn (4-Medium,100g )

Icelandic plötulopi (plotulopi = unspun plates) - 100% new wool yarn each unit is 100-110 g (3.5 oz) approx. 300 m (328yd). Since Plötulopi is an unspun yarn, it is fragile to knit; however, due to the length of its fibres, it knits into a sweater that is both sturdy and soft. Gauge-1 ply: 19 sts to 10 cm (4") over St st using size 4½ mm (Old UK 7) (US 7). Gauge-2 ply: 14 sts to 10 cm (4") over St st using size 5½ mm (Old UK 5) (US 9). Made In Iceland...



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