Pine Apple Crocheted Dress

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Pineapple crochet stitch is a descriptive name for a stitch that can create a pineapple shape.

By combining three or more stitches you can make a "pineapple crochet".

These pineapple crochet stitches are popular stitch for a doily. But later on through the years,

there are so many crochet enthusiasts that have created wearable clothes using pineapple crochet design.

Here are a few pointers I can suggest for all those interested in doing this particular stitch.

Remember To Count Every Stitch

As a crocheter, when using this kind of stitch, you have to count every stitch carefully.


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Yarn : BERNAT crochet thread 400g -1 ball 
Size : 8 yrs Crochet
Crochet Hook: 2mm


Yarn : dk weight yarn 4 balls of 100gm
Size : women one size
Croche Hook : 5mm


Pattern: Chain 128 to start. and follow the diagm.

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