Mohair Blends

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FDC01-324_Deep NavyFDC01-326_BlackFDC01-479_Rosso CorsaFDC01-506_Baby LilacFDC01-509_Dark GreyFDC01-510_SilverFDC01-513_EggplantFDC01-524_Android GreenFDC01-551_Baby Blue

Filatura Di Crosa Baby Kid Mohair Extra Yarn ( 0- Lace )

Baby Kid Mohair Extra 80% Baby Kid, 20% Nylon Code: FDC01 Meters Per Ball: 245 Needle Size/Tension: - Pack Size: 10x25g Colours: (9 Available) Categories: Fingering, Mohair, Nylon ..


FDC06-026_ChampagneFDC06-088_Beige MixFDC06-096_Silver MixFDC06-098_Golden PoppyFDC06-099_Orange MixFDC06-100_GalaxyFDC06-101_Rich MaroonFDC06-102_Teal Green MixFDC06-103_Sky Blue MixFDC06-104_Golden Brown MixFDC06-105_Sea Blue MixFDC06-106_Purple Blue MixFDC06-107_Spring Mix - NEWFDC06-108_Festival Mix - NEW

Filatura Di Crosa Gioiello Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine)

Yarn: Gioiello Code: FDC06 Description: 30% Kid Mohair, 30% Extrafine Wool, 10% Cotton, 10% Acrylic, 20% Nylon Meters Per Ball: 200 Needle Size/Tension: - Pack Size: 10x50g..


FDC07-01_White ConfettiFDC07-02_Almond ConfettiFDC07-03_Moonstone Blue ConfettiFDC07-04_Rose ConfettiFDC07-05_Banana ConfettiFDC07-06_Apple ConfettiFDC07-07_Alizarin Crimson ConfettiFDC07-08_Electric Blue ConfettiFDC07-09_Otter Brown ConfettiFDC07-10_Onyx Confetti - NEWFDC07-11_Lilac Confetti - NEWFDC07-12_Blue Confetti - NEWFDC07-13_Frost Confetti - NEW

Filatura Di Crosa Halifax Yarn ( 5 - Bulky )

Yarn: Halifax Code: FDC07 Description: 68% Wool, 19% Nylon, 8% Cotton, 5% Mohair Meters Per Ball: 50m Needle Size/Tension: Pack Size: 10x50g..


244712-12001_White244712-12003_Mother Of Pearl244712-12004_Limestone244712-12006_Bark244712-12007_Silver244712-12008_Steel244712-12010_Blush244712-12011_Brick Red244712-12012_Ochre244712-12013_Leaf244712-12015_Lake244712-12016_Pool244712-12017_Wisteria244712-12018_Wine

Patons Lincoln Fog Yarn (5 - Bulky, 100g) - CLEARANCE

Patons Lincoln Fog is a 4-ply mohair-like wool blend yarn with a brushed halo effect that gives projects that soft, cozy appearance everyone loves. The Lincoln Longwool is a long staple fiber that provides a lustrous fleece, perfect for everything from cozy sweater projects to radiant accessories like scarves and hats, plus so much more. Contemporary tones inspire creative minds to complete modern pieces of style and distinction. It's a bulky yarn which means projects work up quickly. The 75% acrylic, 15% wool, 10% Lincoln fiber is machine washable, making it a convenient wool-blend yarn for all your fashionable favorites. Features: Content: 25% Wool, 75% Acrylic Ball Size: 100 g/3.5 oz, 174 m/190 yds Care: Machine wash and dry Gauge: #5 Bulky Knitting Gauge: 15 sts and 19 rows with a 5.5 mm (U.S. 8) knitting needle Crochet Gauge: 11.5 sc and 14 rows with a 5.5 mm (U.S. 8) crochet hook Knitting Gauge:      4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) 15 sts x 19 ..

C$9.99 C$7.00

RI383198-017-Yellow - NEWRI383198-018-Melon - NEWRI383198-019-Red - NEWRI383198-020-Orange - NEWRI383198-021-Fuchsia - NEWRI383198-022-Turquoise - NEWRI383198-023-Blue - NEWRI383198-001-WhiteRI383198-010-PinkRI383198-011-Orange SorbetRI383198-012-LimeRI383198-013-BlushRI383198-014-BerryRI383198-015-WineRI383198-016-TealRI383198-002-IceRI383198-003-PeachRI383198-004-RustRI383198-006-SlateRI383198-007-BlackRI383198-008-GreyRI383198-009-Light Pink

Rico Essentials Super Kid Mohair Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Essentials Super Kid Mohair - NEW COLOURS Code: RI383198 Description: Essentials Super Kid Mohair Loves Silk is a high-quality yarn mixture of Mohair Super Kid and silk. This super soft and light yarn is especially usable for light scarves. 70% Mohair, 20% Silk, 10% Nylon Meters Per Ball: 200 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm / 23sts Pack Size: 10 x 25g ..



SMC Alegretto Yarn - bag of 5 balls

SMC Select Alegretto is a blended yarn with a thick, fluffy thread. Because of the addition of merino wool, Select Alegretto is wonderfully soft. ..


8003_648008_Mudpie8004_648008_Dewdrop8005_648008_Aqua Frost8007_648008_Pink Puddle8008_648008_Rose Garden8012_648008_Orange Peel8014_648008_Blue Haze8015_648008_Royal Rain8016_648008_Navy Night8017_648008_Red Sky8019_648008_Rain Cloud8021_648008_Ruchsia Flurry

Sugar Bush Drizzle Yarn

This is a super fine weight (#1 Super Fine) luxury yarn. Ideal for loose knit and crochet garments and accessories Drizzle is a luxurious blend of super kid mohair and silk. This beautiful fine weight yarn provides the elegance of lace in 22 trendy colours. Skeins come in 25 g (0.9 oz) weight and 200 m (219 yards) length. 27 - 32 stitches = 4" (10 cm) on 2.25 - 3.25 mm (US 1 - 3) The origin of this yarn is Romania. ..


648014-1401P10_  Wintry White648014-1402P10_  Crisp Cream648014-1403P10_  Frosty Brown648014-1404P10_  Lemonade648014-1405P10_  Frozen Fern648014-1406P10_  Sharp Rust648014-1407P10_  Snowy Spruce648014-1408P10_  Ice648014-1409P10_  Cool Charcoal648014-1410P10_  Blackout648014-1411P10_  Polar Pink648014-1412P10_  Glacier Plum648014-1413P10_  Arctic Purple648014-1414P10_  Icy Orchid648014-1415P10_  Frost Bite648014-1416P10_  Icicle Teal648014-1417P10_  Tundra Teal648014-1418P10_  Bitter Blue648014-1419P10_  Nippy Navy648014-1420P10_  Yukon Yellow648014-1421P10_  Extremely Royal

Sugar Bush Shiver ( 4 - Medium, 50g )

Sugar Bush Shiver, 65% superwash merino wool, 25% kid mohair, 10% silk, Knitting Worsted Weight, Frosty Brown, 50 g Ball..



Lang Celine ( 4-Medium ,50g )

Yarn: Celine Code: LA924 Description: This yarn has a colourful, multi-textured core with a contrast halo, making it trendy, soft and warm. 24% Cotton, 24% Polyester, 21% Viscose, 16% Mohair and 15% Polyamid. Meters Per Ball: 140 meters Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm / 20sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..



Lang Celine Luxe ( 4-Medium ,50g )

Yarn: Celine Luxe Code: LA925 Description: This beautiful yarn is the 'sparkly sister' of Lang's Celine. With a soft halo, and sequins throughout, this yarn is simply stunning. Contains 31% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 18% Cotton, 16% Viscose and 10% Superkid Mohair. Meters Per Ball: 100 meters Needle Size/Tension: 4.5-5.0mm/19sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..



Lang Drago ( 4-Medium ,50g )

Yarn: Drago - NEW YARN Code: LA999 Description: Drago is a soft, fluffy yarn with lots of fun character. A black mohair base, and pops of fun colour throughout ensure a graphic and bold look. 41% Mohair, 25% Wool, 18% Nylon, 16% Acrylic Meters Per Ball: 100 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5-5mm | 17sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..



Lang Gossip ( 6-Super Bulky ,100g )

Yarn: Gossip - NEW YARN Code: LA996 Description: Lang Gossip is an on-trend, bright effect yarn that knits up quickly. Here bold colours pop against a neutral background. This captivating yarn is ideal for accessories or statement fashion pieces! 43% Acrylic, 30% Wool, 15% Nylon, 12% Mohair Meters Per Ball: 65 Needle Size/Tension: 12mm | 8sts Pack Size: 10 x 100g..


LA992-0004-BLAckLA992-0006-CobaltLA992-0007-LiLAcLA992-0009-BlushLA992-0013-YellowLA992-0023-SilverLA992-0027-PeachLA992-0028-ApricotLA992-0033-SLAte BlueLA992-0034-ShadowLA992-0048-NudeLA992-0058-SkyLA992-0060-RubyLA992-0068-CopperLA992-0070-CharcoalLA992-0072-CelesteLA992-0080-BordeauxLA992-0094-CreamLA992-0098-Hunter

Lang Lace ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Lace - NEW YARN Code: LA992 Description: Treat yourself to the most beautiful materials occurring in nature! Lang's Lace is feather-light, airy, with a look of sophistication and luxe. Beautiful lace patterns are recommended to compliment. 58% Mohair, 42% Silk Meters Per Ball: 310 Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5mm / 26sts Pack Size: 10 x 25g..


LA945-0003-White SmokeLA945-0004-BLAckLA945-0005-Heavy Grey SmokeLA945-0009-LiLAc LA945-0014-SunlightLA945-0016-Enchanted ForestLA945-0023-IvoryLA945-0025-Deep NavyLA945-0026-FawnLA945-0029-CoralLA945-0033-Blue PastelLA945-0034-Blue RiverLA945-0035-Deep PacificLA945-0039-CornflowerLA945-0059-Orange SunLA945-0061-RedLA945-0064-MauveLA945-0065-FuchsiaLA945-0068-ChocoLAteLA945-0070-BLAck CloudLA945-0072-Aqua LA945-0075-Red SkittlesLA945-0080-Brown BearLA945-0088-Teal EmeraldLA945-0094-WhiteLA945-0098-OliveLA945-0159-Tangerine LA945-0198-Hunter

Lang Lusso ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Lusso - NEW COLOURS Code: LA945 Description: LUSSO is a superlight lace-weight yarn consisting of fine merino, silk, baby camel hair and super kid mohair. The baby camel hair component gives the yarn a wonderful softness and lovely volume. The camel hair originates in Asia. For hand-knitting yarns the down, the so-called undercoat, is used. In spring, this hair falls out in clumps, when the animals shed their coat. The downy hair is fine and crimped, distinctive for its softness, sheen and thermal qualities. You will be entranced by this especially fine quality. 36% Wool (Merino extrafine), 27% Silk, 19% Camel (Baby), 18% Mohair (Superkid) Meters Per Ball: 180m Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5mm | 22 stitches Pack Size: 10x25g..


LA698-0001-WhiteLA698-0003-GreyLA698-0004-BLAckLA698-0005-SmokeLA698-0006-CobaltLA698-0010-Ocean NightLA698-0017-Light LimeLA698-0020-FogLA698-0022-SandLA698-0023-Grey MistLA698-0025-French NavyLA698-0027-Orange CottonLA698-0028-Bright CoralLA698-0029-CoralLA698-0058-Ocean TealLA698-0060-Red AppleLA698-0061-Red WineLA698-0062-CopperLA698-0063-ChocoLAteLA698-0066-Hot PinkLA698-0067-EspressoLA698-0070-Chimney DustLA698-0071-Pastel BlueLA698-0074-Bright TealLA698-0075-OrangeLA698-0079-TurquoiseLA698-0087-CopperLA698-0094-IvoryLA698-0096-Vintage FilmLA698-0097-Forest GreenLA698-0098-Light LimeLA698-0107-Oriental PurpleLA698-0109-Pinky PinkLA698-0113-Soft YellowLA698-0114-Bright YellowLA698-0116-Grass GreenLA698-0118-Fantasy GreenLA698-0122-ButterLA698-0126-FawnLA698-0128-PeachLA698-0133-Vintage BlueLA698-0145-Grape JuiceLA698-0148-Baby PinkLA698-0150-Sun GodLA698-0161-Peach CoLALA698-0164-BurgandyLA698-0167-Dusty GreenLA698-0168-CocoaLA698-0170-Dark CloudLA698-0174-AquaLA698-0175-Gold SunLA698-0180-MerlotLA698-0188-Pacific OceanLA698-0190-PlumLA698-0196-CamelLA698-0198-FirLA698-0199-Green EnchantmentLA698-0209-Pink FogLA698-0213-LemonLA698-0248-Pink DustLA698-0275-Red CoralLA698-0288-JadeLA698-0346-Plum JuiceLA698-0348-Pink Cotton

Lang Mohair Luxe ( 3-Light ,25g )

Lang Yarns Mohair Luxe   Superkid Mohair blended with silk - a featherlight yarn for fashionable accessories and more. 77% Mohair (Superkid) 23% Silk   Code: LA698 Meters Per Ball: 175m Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 3.5mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10x25g Colours: (69 Available) Categories: DK, Mohair, Silk ..


LA797-0001-CreamLA797-0004-BLAckLA797-0010-BlueLA797-0014-SunlightLA797-0016-IvyLA797-0023-SilverLA797-0028-CoralLA797-0063-CocoaLA797-0070-CharcoalLA797-0071-AquaLA797-0078-BlueberryLA797-0088-TealLA797-0174-Ice BlueLA797-0348-Mauve

Lang Mohair Luxe Lame ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Mohair Luxe Lame Code: LA797 Description: Superkid mohair mixed with silk - a feather-light yarn for fashion accessories and more. 73% Mohair, 18% Silk, 9% Polyester Meters Per Ball: 175 Needle Size/Tension: 3 3.5mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10 x 25g..


LA929-0001-WhiteLA929-0004-BLAckLA929-0010-NavyLA929-0014-SunlightLA929-0016-IvyLA929-0023-FeatherLA929-0028-CoralLA929-0033-WhisperLA929-0048-MauveLA929-0063-EggpLAntLA929-0070-CharcoalLA929-0071-GLAcierLA929-0074-AquaLA929-0074-Burnt OrangeLA929-0078-BlueberryLA929-0094-CreamLA929-0096-Taupe

Lang Mohair Luxe Paillettes ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Mohair Luxe Paillettes Code: LA929 Description: Super kid mohair combined with silk, with matching sequins, a feather-light yarn for stylish accessories and more. 41% Mohair (Superkid), 37% Wool, 20% Silk, 2% Polyester. Meters Per Ball: 145 Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 3.5mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10 x 25g ..



Lang Victoria ( 4-Medium ,100g )

Yarn: Victoria - NEW YARN Code: LA1009 Description: A high quality natural fibre yarn with lots of volume. Gradient dye repeats come through the mohair fibres, which already show a wonderful lustre. Knits up deliciously light. 60% Kid Mohair, 25% Cotton, 15% Extrafine Merino Wool Meters Per Ball: 300m Needle Size/Tension: 4mm | 19sts Pack Size: 5x100g or 10 x100g..



Filatura Di Crosa Samarcanda Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Samarcanda - NEW YARN Code: FDC41 Description: Samarcanda is a wonderfully tweedy yarn. The multiple shade in each colour work up to form a fabric with amazing depth and texture. Hand wash cool, Lay flat to dry. 30% Kid Mohair, 32% Acrylic, 18% Nylon, 17% Wool Meters Per Ball: 85 Needle Size/Tension: 5.5mm | 15sts Pack Size: 10x50g..


FDC23-01_WhiteFDC23-02_NaturalFDC23-04_DirtFDC23-14_BlackFDC23-15_SandFDC23-16_GreyFDC23-31_TiffanyFDC23-39_Sunlight - NEWFDC23-40_Tangerine - NEWFDC23-41_Sky Blue - NEWFDC23-42_Iris - NEWFDC23-43_Deep Sea - NEWFDC23-44_Cherry - NEWFDC23-45_Rose - NEWFDC23-46_Avocado - NEWFDC23-47_Carnation - NEW

Filatura Di Crosa Zara Kid Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Zara Kid Code: FDC23 Description: 50% Wool, 40% Nylon, 10% Extra Kid Mohair Meters Per Ball: 125 meters Needle Size/Tension: 5-5.5mm | 18 Stitches Pack Size: 10x50g..


MA25-R5000_Cincuenta (50th Anniv.)MA25-R6506_PrimroseMA25-R6966_TizaMA25-R7056_AutumnMA25-R7164_UltramarineMA25-R7378_Sea SaltMA25-R7593_SteampunkMA25-R8931_WildflowersMA25-R9089_HuaracheMA25-R9275_Locura FluoMA25-R9699_Butternut

Manos Del Uruguay Cabrito - NEW YARN Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Cabrito - NEW YARN Code: MA25 Description: Cabrito is a laceweight kid mohair blend in beautiful space-dyed colors, from soft and subtle to bright and bold. Use it by itself for a gossamer-light fabric, or pair it with coordinating Manos yarn to add a soft halo and additional warmth. 80% Kid Mohair, 20% Nylon Meters Per Ball: 210 Needle Size/Tension: 3.25-4mm | 20-26 sts Pack Size: 10x25g..



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