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DROPSAIR_01_Off WhiteDROPSAIR_02_WheatDROPSAIR_03_Pearl GreyDROPSAIR_04_Medium GreyDROPSAIR_05_BrownDROPSAIR_06_BlackDROPSAIR_07_Ruby RedDROPSAIR_08_Light PinkDROPSAIR_09_Navy BlueDROPSAIR_10_FogDROPSAIR_11_Peacock BlueDROPSAIR_12_Moss GreenDROPSAIR_13_OrangeDROPSAIR_14_HeatherDROPSAIR_15_Purple HazeDROPSAIR_16_BlueDROPSAIR_17_Denim BlueDROPSAIR_18_Light Grey GreenDROPSAIR_19_Forest GreenDROPSAIR_20_Rose

Drops Air Yarn

A new and exciting "blow yarn" made from soft baby alpaca and cozy and warm merino wool. Its construction is unique, based on the newest yarn technologies, where instead of spinning, the fibres of baby alpaca and merino wool are air blown into a tube, which makes the garments made in this yarn about 30-35% lighter than those made with conventional spun yarns of the same thickness. DROPS Air is - as its name says - a very airy yarn that feels beautiful against the skin, which makes it perfect for accessories, shawls, sweaters and jackets in both textured and cable patterns. Garments made in DROPS Air are totally itch-free, which means everyone can wear them! Made in Peru/EU ..


DROPSAB_ 0100_Off WhiteDROPSAB_ 0506_Dark GreyDROPSAB_ 0517_GreyDROPSAB_ 0602_BrownDROPSAB_ 2020_Light BeigeDROPSAB_ 3125_Light PinkDROPSAB_ 3250_Light Old PinkDROPSAB_ 5110_Light GreyDROPSAB_ 7402_Light Ocean Green

Drops Alpaca Boucle Yarn

DROPS Alpaca Bouclé is a lovely effect yarn spun in superfine alpaca. Its fibers are untreated, which means that they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fiber’s natural properties, while it also provides a better shape and texture quality. “Bouclé” is the French word for a loop and it refers to the number of small loops of pure alpaca that give the ball its characteristic look and that enhance the softness of the fiber. Spun from 2 strands, the core is a blend of wool and nylon that help give the yarn strength. Garments made in DROPS Alpaca Bouclé are light and fluffy. DROPS Alpaca Bouclé contains some mixed colours, this means the wool is manufactured by carding the colours together before spinning, which gives it a mix effect. Made in Peru ..


DROPSAS_100_Off WhiteDROPSAS_1306_PowderDROPSAS_1760_Light Grey PurpleDROPSAS_2110_WheatDROPSAS_3125_Light PinkDROPSAS_3250_Light Old PinkDROPSAS_3609_RedDROPSAS_4088_HeatherDROPSAS_4314_Grey PurpleDROPSAS_5670_BrownDROPSAS_6235_Grey BlueDROPSAS_6347_Blue PurpleDROPSAS_6935_Navy BlueDROPSAS_7219_PistachioDROPSAS_7402_Light Sea GreenDROPSAS_7820_GreenDROPSAS_8108_Light GreyDROPSAS_8112_Ice BlueDROPSAS_8465_Medium GreyDROPSAS_8903_Black

Drops Baby Alpaca Silk Yarn

DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk is spun from 3 strands in a combination of the best of two wonderful fibers, being a mix of 70% baby alpaca (for the softness) and 30% mulberry silk (for strength and glossy shine). The yarn fibers are untreated, which means they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fiber’s natural properties, while it also provides a better shape and texture quality. DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk is great for baby garments. It is soft against the skin, cooling when hot and warm when cold. Made in Peru ..


DROPSBM_01_WhiteDROPSBM_02_Off WhiteDROPSBM_03_Light YellowDROPSBM_04_YellowDROPSBM_05_Light PinkDROPSBM_07_PinkDROPSBM_08_CeriseDROPSBM_09_LimeDROPSBM_10_Light TurquoiseDROPSBM_11_Ice BlueDROPSBM_13_Navy BlueDROPSBM_14_PurpleDROPSBM_15_Light PurpleDROPSBM_16_RedDROPSBM_17_BeigeDROPSBM_18_BrownDROPSBM_19_GreyDROPSBM_20_Dark GreyDROPSBM_21_BlackDROPSBM_22_Light GreyDROPSBM_23_Light BeigeDROPSBM_24_Light Sky BlueDROPSBM_25_LavenderDROPSBM_26_Light Old PinkDROPSBM_27_Old PinkDROPSBM_30_BlueDROPSBM_31_Vibrant GreenDROPSBM_32_TurquoiseDROPSBM_33_Electric BlueDROPSBM_34_HeatherDROPSBM_35_Dark PurpleDROPSBM_36_OrangeDROPSBM_37_Light LavenderDROPSBM_38_OliveDROPSBM_39_Purple OrchidDROPSBM_40_AmethystDROPSBM_41_Plum

Drops Baby Merino Yarn

DROPS Baby Merino is spun from extra fine merino wool fibers from free-range animals in South America. A super soft and itch-free wool yarn, it is perfectly suited for delicate baby skin. The yarn is also superwash treated which makes it machine washable and ideal for daily use. DROPS Baby Merino is spun from multiple thin strands, which gives the yarn extra elasticity. Is this special construction that makes it extra important to treat the garment right: make sure that you knit with the correct tension and rather use a tight tension than loose. Don't wash your garment too warm, never leave it to soak and let the garment dry flat. The yarn is cable spun, which means the stitches will be clearly defined, and the result achieved will be neat and even. Made in EU Oeko-Tex® certificate (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 25.3.0110 Innovatext Textile Engineering and Testing Institute CO) ..


DROPSBD_ 01_Print_Rose GardenDROPSBD_ 02_Print_Summer MeadowDROPSBD_ 03_Print_Mint ChocolateDROPSBD_ 04_Print_MarinaDROPSBD_ 05_Print_Chocolate BananaDROPSBD_ 06_Print_Autumn ForestDROPSBD_ 07_Print_SunriseDROPSBD_ 08_Print_Wild BerriesDROPSBD_ 09_Print_AtlantisDROPSBD_ 10_Print_Olive/Rust/PlumDROPSBD_ 11_Print_Berry MuffinDROPSBD_ 12_Print_Jeans Blue/TealDROPSBD_ 13_Print_GreyDROPSBD_ 14_Print_Raspberry CakeDROPSBD_ 15_Print_LavaDROPSBD_ 16_Print_Blackberry

Drops Big Delight Yarn

A comfortable and super soft single stranded yarn, in beautiful colours! DROPS Big Delight is the sequel to DROPS Delight, thicker, spun the same way -but in 100% wool- and available in 100g skeins. The multi coloured print with long colour repetitions creates unique patterns and exciting colour combinations, which means that within one dye lot, lighter or darker varieties might appear. This is no fault or defect, but part of the yarn's character. DROPS Big Delight features smooth transitions with small thickness variations, in a nice hand spun texture. A delightful yarn that inspires creativity and is ideal for felting. Keep in mind that the sample pictures in the shade card show the colour transitions of the yarn when making a small garment, which means the look of the shade will vary according to the size of your work. Made in EU Oeko-Tex® certificate (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 25.3.0099 Innovatext Textile Engineering and Testing Institute CO) ..


DROPSBAS_01_Off WhiteDROPSBAS_02_Light GreyDROPSBAS_03_GreyDROPSBAS_04_Light BeigeDROPSBAS_05_BeigeDROPSBAS_06_CoralDROPSBAS_07_RedDROPSBAS_08_HeatherDROPSBAS_09_PurpleDROPSBAS_10_VioletDROPSBAS_11_Forest GreenDROPSBAS_12_Powder PinkDROPSBAS_13_Denim BlueDROPSBAS_14_Light Grey GreenDROPSBAS_15_Light Sea GreenDROPSBAS_16_BlackDROPSBAS_17_Light LavenderDROPSBAS_18_Cerise

Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk Yarn

A luxurious yarn in an exclusive mix of brushed, superfine alpaca and subtle shiny silk! Besides being super soft, DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk has a sophisticated shade card ranging from soft beige and gray hues, to gorgeous reds and purples. This yarn feather light and surprisingly warm features make it suitable for both small and large garments, and it can be knitted relatively fast on larger needles. DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk can be used as an effect yarn when worked together with other yarns for lovely soft results! Made in Peru ..


DROPSF_100_Off WhiteDROPSF_101_BeigeDROPSF_102_PinkDROPSF_103_Grey BlueDROPSF_104_PurpleDROPSF_105_TurquoiseDROPSF_106_RedDROPSF_107_BlueDROPSF_108_Royal BlueDROPSF_109_Dark Pink

Drops Fabel Yarn

Hard wearing as only a sock yarn can be, DROPS Fabel is a 4 stranded yarn and is superwash treated, which makes it machine washable and easy to care for. Compared to regular sock yarns, DROPS Fabel is spun in a softer wool quality, which makes it an amazing all-round yarn, suitable for far more than socks - try it for baby garments! With one of the largest colour charts in the DROPS assortment, DROPS Fabel is available in 3 different types of shades: uni colour, a selection of solid colours; print, where each shade is made of various colours that repeat regularly and long print, similar to print colours but with longer repetitions of each colour. Both print and long print colours in DROPS Fabel are produced with a method called “fancy dyeing” that differs from other methods in that each dye lot has small variations in both pattern and nuance. This is not an error, but an element of the yarn’s character. Keep in mind that the knitted colour samples displayed below show..


DROPSGT_T01_Light GreyDROPSGT_T02_Dark GreyDROPSGT_T03_BlackDROPSGT_T06_Dark BrownDROPSGT_T07_Greenish BrownDROPSGT_T15_Petrol GreenDROPSGT_T17_Jeans BlueDROPSGT_T30_Dark RedDROPSGT_T33_Lighter GreyDROPSGT_T34_Greenish Brown

Drops Geilsk Tweed Yarn

Geilsk Tweed is produced in Ireland with delicious Donegal wool. Colourful flecks play on rich base colors to create a unique yet classic yarn. Knitted or crocheted fabric worked in a single colour will display remarkable complexity of colour and texture, and the 30-colour palette is so carefully chosen that colour blocking or fair isle will be harmonious no matter the combination. Flex your colour-pairing creativity! As a soft-handle sportweight single-ply tweed, it is perfectly interchangeable with Rowan Fine Tweed, Rowan Valley Tweed, Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal and more. ..


DROPSGTU_04_Rose.JpgDROPSGTU_10_Red.JpgDROPSGTU_18_Light Grey.JpgDROPSGTU_21_Blushish Purple.JpgDROPSGTU_22_Cinnamon.JpgDROPSGTU_35_Darkgrey.JpgDROPSGTU_38_Black.JpgDROPSGTU_39_Coffee Latte.JpgDROPSGTU_41_Sage.JpgDROPSGTU_6B_Ecru.Jpg

Drops Geilsk TyndUld Yarn

Tynd Uld Content: 100% Wool Length: 288m Needle Size: 3-3.5mm Tension: 26 sts Pack: 10 x 50g Tynd is a pure wool with a rustic feel. Easy to knit with and very durable. A great colour range with heathered shades. It can be felted. ..



Drops Glitter Yarn

Glimmering thread in 10 gram spools, DROPS Glitter comes in 4 shades: gold, silver, bronze and red. Held together with almost any yarn quality it will give the garment a shiny, glittering effect. The perfect way to make any pattern extra exciting! As a measure for usage, an adult sweater can use up to approximately 1-2 spools of DROPS Glitter. Made in EU ..


DROPSK_01_Off WhiteDROPSK_04_Chocolate BrownDROPSK_05_BlackDROPSK_07_Bright BlueDROPSK_11_OrangeDROPSK_13_CeriseDROPSK_17_Navy BlueDROPSK_18_RedDROPSK_19_WhiteDROPSK_30_Light Denim BlueDROPSK_33_Medium PinkDROPSK_37_Dark Grey BlueDROPSK_39_Dark Old RoseDROPSK_40_Light Old PinkDROPSK_45_Light OliveDROPSK_47_Forest GreenDROPSK_48_Wine RedDROPSK_52_Dark MustardDROPSK_57_OliveDROPSK_60_Blue TurquoiseDROPSK_64_Grey PurpleDROPSK_65_Denim BlueDROPSK_66_Light Dusty PinkDROPSK_68_Light Sky BlueDROPSK_69_Light Grey GreenDROPSK_70_Light Blue GreyDROPSK_71_Silver PinkDROPSK_76_Dark PurpleDROPSK_78_Coral

Drops Karisma Yarn

DROPS Karisma is a 4 strands sport yarn which has great shape stability and is superwash treated, which means that it is machine washable and perfect for daily use. Soft and comfortable to the skin, DROPS Karisma is one of the most popular qualities in our classic wool range since its first introduction in Scandinavia during the 80s, and is supported by an extensive array of patterns. Made in EU Oeko-Tex® certificate (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 25.3.0110 Innovatext Textile Engineering and Testing Institute CO) ..


DROPSL_0100_Off WhiteDROPSL_3112_Powder PinkDROPSL_3620_RedDROPSL_4400_PurpleDROPSL_5310_Light BrownDROPSL_6410_TurquoiseDROPSL_6790_Royal BlueDROPSL_7120_Light Grey GreenDROPSL_8105_Ice BlueDROPSL_8903_Black

Drops Lace Yarn

DROPS Lace is a premium blend of 70% baby alpaca and 30% mulberry silk, spun into a 2 strands yarn with a generous length of about 400 meters per skein. The fibers used in the composition of DROPS Lace are untreated, which means that they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fibers’ natural properties, while it provides also a better shape and texture quality. DROPS Lace is a lace yarn at its very best: delicately fine and incredibly soft, which makes it perfect for creating lightweight shawls, wraps, and scarves with intricate and decorative motifs. While the suggested tension is small, most lace patterns recommend a much larger needle or hook size so that the lace really stands out. Tension in lace depends on how open or lacy a fabric you want, so the needle/hook size can vary. DROPS Lace contains mixed colours, this means the wool is manufactured by carding the colours together before spinning, which gives it a mixe..


puna_ 01_Off Whitepuna_ 02_Beigepuna_ 03_Brownpuna_ 04_Taupepuna_ 05_Dark Greypuna_ 06_Greypuna_ 07_Light Greypuna_ 08_Blackpuna_ 09_Powder Pinkpuna_ 10_Old Pinkpuna_ 11_Plumpuna_ 12_Violetpuna_ 13_Navy Bluepuna_ 14_Jeans Bluepuna_ 15_North Seapuna_ 16_Grey Green

Drops Puna Yarn

DROPS Puna is a soft, light and beautifully warm yarn made from 100% superfine alpaca that’s perfect for almost any kind of garment - and that feels wonderful directly on the skin! Made from 4 threads of superfine alpaca, its fibers are untreated, which means they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment. This highlights the fiber’s natural properties, while it also provides a better shape and texture quality. Available in natural colours and a selection of gorgeous dyed shades - this luxurious yet versatile yarn belongs to Yarn Group B, which makes it perfect to use in designs for both DROPS Karisma and DROPS Merino Extra Fine. And whether you knit or crochet with it, the result will be comfortable, light and wonderful to both see and touch! Made in Peru ..


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