100% Cotton

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BO-BG45-01_SnowfallBO-BG45-02_OatmealBO-BG45-03_JadeBO-BG45-04_SeafoamBo-BG45-05_CustardBO-BG45-06_OliveBO-BG45-07_Forest GreenBO-BG45-08_SunsetBO-BG45-09_PinkBO-BG45-10_HydrangeaBO-BG45-11_PlumBo-BG45-12_AzuriteBO-BG45-13_AubergineBO-BG45-14_MidnightBO-BG45-15_MustardBO-BG45-16_PoppyBO-BG45-17_WheatBO-BG45-18_SpiceBO-BG45-19_CoffeeBO-BG45-20_SageBO-BG45-21_BurlapBO-BG45-22_AshBO-BG45-23_SmokeBO-BG45-24_Ink

Borgo de'Pazzi Flambe Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Flambe Code: BO-BG45 Description: 100% cotton and soft to the touch, Flambe is suitable for all of your spring and summer projects. Made with two strands twisted irregularly, thus giving a unique appearance to the yarn. Meters Per Ball: 105 Needle Size/Tension: 4 - 5mm Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


BO-BG38-01_CreamBO-BG38-02_PeachBO-BG38-03_MintBO-BG38-04_TurquoiseBO-BG38-05_ButterscotchBO-BG38-06_OliveBO-BG38-07_EvergreenBO-BG38-08_EarthenBO-BG38-09_CarnationBO-BG38-10_TulipBO-BG38-11_FigBO-BG38-12_LupineBO-BG38-13_EggplantBO-BG38-14_NightfallBO-BG38-15_GoldBO-BG38-16_CrimsonBO-BG38-17_WheatBO-BG38-18_CinnamonBO-BG38-19_Coffee BeanBO-BG38-20_MossBO-BG38-21_BarkBO-BG38-22_GunmetalBO-BG38-23_OvercastBO-BG38-24_BlackBO-BG38-25_Azure - NEWBO-BG38-26_Lakeview - NEWBO-BG38-27_Teal - NEWBO-BG38-28_Navy - NEWBO-BG38-29_Petal - NEWBO-BG38-30_Persimmon - NEWBO-BG38-31_Salmon - NEWBO-BG38-32_Shamrock - NEW

Borgo de'Pazzi Giza Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Giza Code: BO-BG38 Description: Made from high quality Egyptian fibres, Giza is shiny and soft to the touch. Available in 24 beautiful colours to mix, match, and get creative. 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 120 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


Q68-101_BlackQ68-102_WhiteQ68-103_SnowQ68-104_EcruQ68-105_ButterQ68-106_PistachioQ68-109_Sky BlueQ68-110_Ice BlueQ68-111_LakeQ68-112_CrimsonQ68-113_Tea RoseQ68-114_AquaQ68-118_MintQ68-120_KiwiQ68-122_Baby VioletQ68-123_Baby PinkQ68-124_Baby KiwiQ68-125_Baby SunshineQ68-126_PurpleQ68-128_Pine - NEWQ68-129_Indigo - NEWQ68-130_Poppy - NEWQ68-131_Silver Grey - NEW

Estelle Cloud CottonYarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Cloud Cotton Code: Q68 Description: 100% Organic Cotton Meters Per Ball: 150 Needle Size/Tension: 5mm / 18 sts Pack Size: 10 x 100g ..


Q54414_HoneysuckleQ54415_Pop ArtQ54416_ViolettaQ54417_Peach BeachQ54418_ContrastQ54419_SpectacleQ54420_Teal ZealQ54421_TrafalgarQ54422_Spring PeaQ54423_Zodiac

Estelle Sudz Crafting Cotton MultiYarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Sudz Crafting Cotton Multi - NEW COLOUR RANGE Code: Q544 Description: A range of 10 new and exciting colour combinations in our popular multi Sudz crafting cotton. 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 74 meters Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm / 20sts Pack Size: 5x50g..


Q54001_BubblegumQ54002_Grey HeatherQ54003_Candy FlossQ54006_Orange SorbetQ54007_VanillaQ54009_Purple RainQ54010_Sea Spray

Estelle Sudz Crafting Cotton SprayYarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Sudz Crafting Cotton Spray Code: Q540 Description: 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 74m Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm | 20 stitches Pack Size:5x50g ..


Q539T01_Canary YellowQ539T02_Shamrock ParadeQ539T03_Pink CandyQ539T04_CabernetQ539T05_TangerineQ539T06_Candy FlossQ539T07_GuacamoleQ539T08_Aqua MarineQ539T09_Pink StrawberryQ539T10_MustardQ539T11_Mediterranean BlueQ539T12_Purple PlumQ539T13_AutumnQ539T14_VioletQ539T16_RaspberryQ539T17_Grey MixQ539T18_Red WineQ539T19_ForestQ539T20_Ocean Blue

Estelle Sudz Crafting Cotton Tone on ToneYarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Sudz Crafting Cotton Tone on Tone Code: Q 539T Description: 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 74m Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm | 20 stitches Pack Size:5x50g ..


Q539S21_VanillaQ539S22_EcruQ539S24_Cherry BlossomQ539S25_CarrotQ539S26_TealQ539S27_LeprechaunQ539S28_Sunny DaysQ539S30_OrchidQ539S31_CoffeeQ539S32_SkyQ539S34_VioletQ539S35_PinkQ539S36_PistachioQ539S37_SunbrightQ539S38_MintQ539S39_AquaQ539S40_RedQ539S41_Bright White

Estelle Sudz Solids Crafting CottonYarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Sudz Solids Crafting Cotton Code: Q539S Description: 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 74 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm / 20sts Pack Size:5x50g..


KNEVE_01_SandboxKNEVE_02_BashfulKNEVE_03_Duck EggsKNEVE_04_MazzyKNEVE_05_ArubaKNEVE_07_Morning GloryKNEVE_08_Tree FrogKNEVE_09_SmokeKNEVE_11_LagoonKNEVE_12_PondicherryKNEVE_13_MonetKNEVE_14_PosyKNEVE_16_MarinerKNEVE_17_SiriusKNEVE_18_Clean SlateKNEVE_19_LimelightKNEVE_20_OrangevilleKNEVE_21_SweetheartKNEVE_22_Cherry BerryKNEVE_23_ValentineKNEVE_24_BrandywineKNEVE_25_MulberryKNEVE_26_PacificKNEVE_27_Salt LakeKNEVE_28_Golf CourseKNEVE_29_Prairie DustKNEVE_30_GraphiteKNEVE_31_Deep PearlKNEVE_32_Vanilla FlowerKNEVE_33_Hot EspressoKNEVE_34_Iced DropKNEVE_35_Choco LatteKNEVE_36_Aruba BlueKNEVE_37_Purple PassionKNEVE_38_Cappuccino SwirlKNEVE_39_Sage LeafKNEVE_40_Olive TwistKNEVE_41_ChardonnayKNEVE_42_Salmon RushKNEVE_43_CornflowerKNEVE_44_SeafoamKNEVE_45_LavenderKNEVE_46_Azalea

Juniper Moon Farm Neve Yarn

Product details Juniper Moon Farm’s Neve is a 100% cotton yarn with a chainette construction. This makes it a light and airy choice for warm weather garments such as cardigans, tops, shawls and wraps for the beach. Worsted weight, it knits up on 4-4.5mm needles and comes in a selection of bright shades. See more Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand Juniper Moon Farm Yarn Weight Worsted Blend 100% Cotton Needles US 6 (4mm) Crochet Hooks F (4.00mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 222yds (203m) Gauge 18-22 stitches, 28-32 rows to 4" Care Machine Wash Gentle, Cold Iron, Low Do Not Bleach Dry Flat ..


26200202012_Good (OM)26200202707_Love (OM)26200404534_Star (Stripes)26201111742_Bright Blue26201212135_Blue Moon (OMB)26201212528_Poppy (OMB)26201212616_Pink Lemonade (OMB)26201303529_BlackWithOrange(Twist)26201414019_Sandston (Stripes)26201414119_Seaside (Stripes)

Peaches & Creme Cotton Yarn( 4 - Medium,56.7g ) - CLEARANCE

Peaches & Creme Yarn ( 4 - Medium, 70.9g/56.7g ) Peaches & Creme Cotton yarn is a natural, 100% USA grown cotton yarn. The perfect choice for your knit and crochet kitchen and home décor needs. peaches & creme is a versatile worsted weight yarn, that’s great for small projects like dishcloths and potholders, to home décor staples like afghans! Available in a wide variety of shades, including neutrals, brights, and pastels. Conveniently machine washable and dryable for easy care.    Features: Natural, soft absorbent cotton Content: 100% cotton Ball Size Solids: 70.9g / 2.5 oz, 109 meters / 120 yards Ball Size Ombres: 56.7g / 2 oz, 86 meters / 95 yards Care: Machine wash and dry Gauge: 4 Medium Worsted Knitting Gauge: 20 sts and 26 rows with a 4.5 mm (U.S. 7) knitting needle Crochet Gauge: 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5 mm (U.S. H/8) crochet hook Use for: Knit and crochet home and kitchen d décorcor, toys Re..

C$5.49 C$3.57

RI383137-001-Orange MixRI383137-002-Red MixRI383137-003-Purple MixRI383137-004-Blue MixRI383137-005-Green MixRI383137-006-Brown Mix

Rico Essentials Crochet Print Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine )

Yarn: Essentials Crochet Print - NEW YARN Code: RI383137 Description: This gorgeous and shiny 100% crochet cotton comes in a fabulous range of tonal colours, and is perfect for all of your crocheting needs. Meters Per Ball: 280 Needle Size/Tension: 2mm Pack Size: 10x50g..


RI383110-001-WhiteRI383110-002-BeigeRI383110-003-OrangeRI383110-004-RedRI383110-005-FuchsiaRI383110-006-LilacRI383110-007-PurpleRI383110-008-EmeraldRI383110-009-Light GreenRI383110-010-TurquoiseRI383110-011-Mouse GreyRI383110-012-BlackRI383110-013-YellowRI383110-014-PowderRI383110-015-Smoky RoseRI383110-016-Dusky PinkRI383110-017-Smoky BlueRI383110-018-Silver GreyRI383110-019-Steel GreyRI383110-020-VanillaRI383110-021-PinkRI383110-022-SalmonRI383110-023-MintRI383110-024-PatinaRI383110-025-GoldRI383110-026-GreenRI383110-027-Nude

Rico Essentials Crochet Yarn ( 2 - Fine )

Yarn: Essentials Crochet Code: RI383110 Description: This gorgeous and shiny 100% crochet cotton comes in a fabulous range of colours, and is perfect for all of your crocheting needs. Meters Per Ball: 280 meters Needle Size/Tension: 2 mm Pack Size: 10 x 50g..



TAMM CottonTale Cone Yarn

Cotton Tale 8 knits beautifully in stockinette, fairisle, tuck, slip and garter stitch. ..



TAMM Perle (500g) Cone Yarn

This mercerized cotton knits up soft. Wears great. Perfect for those summer knit tops and sweaters. Perle has a great color selection. Now is the time to give Perle a try. The larger cones are an advantage when knitting strips or making bigger projects. You can save more money for big cone. ..



TAMM Petit Cone Yarn

Excellent for 4-color jacquard knitting Thread Lace Plating Double strands – for double bed tuck..


Q0602-01-OrangeQ0602-02-RedQ0602-03-BlackQ0602-04-SilverQ0602-05-WhiteQ0602-06-Soft PinkQ0602-07-Soft LilacQ0602-08-GrapeQ0602-09-BuffQ0602-10-Soft YellowQ0602-11-LimeQ0602-12-MintQ0602-13-Soft BlueQ0602-14-Sapphire

Cascade Nifty Cotton ( 4-Medium ,100g )

Yarn: Nifty Cotton - NEW YARN Code: Q0602 Description: 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 169 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm | 18sts Pack Size: 10 x 100g..



James C Brett Its Pure Cotton Yarn ( 3-Light , 100g )

No prizes for guessing what It’s Pure Cotton from James C. Brett is made from. This versatile DK-weight yarn is perfect for creating garments and accessories for the warmer months of the year and feels ultra-soft on the skin. It has a range of delicate solid colors and it’s machine washable. See more Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand James C. Brett Blend 100% Cotton Needles US 6 (4mm) Crochet Hooks F (4.00mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 235yds (215m) Gauge 22 stitches, 28 rows to 10cm/4" Yarn Weight DK See DK Yarns See DK Patterns Care Machine Wash, Cold ..



KingCole Big Value Dishcloth Craft Cotton ( 5-Bulky,100g )

Yarn: Big Value Dishcloth Craft Cotton Code: KC134 Description: Available for Fall 2016 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 150m Needle Size/Tension: 6 mm | 14 stitches Pack Size: 6x100g ..


KC137_2430_WillowKC137_2431_WatermelonKC137_2432_PetalKC137_2433_CalicoKC137_2434_Candy FlossKC137_2435_RainbowKC137_2436_BluebellKC137_2437_SmoothieKC137_2438_Shell KC137_2439_Waves KC137_2440_Pink GinKC137_2441_Rhododendron

KingCole Cotton Soft Crush DK ( 3-Light,100g )

Yarn: CottonSoft Crush DK Code: KC137 Description: 100% Cotton in fresh colour combinations that are perfect for your spring and summer knits! Meters Per Ball: 210 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm / 22sts Pack Size: 12 x 100g..


KingCole CottonSoft Baby Crush DK ( 3-Light,100g )

Yarn: CottonSoft Baby Crush DK Code: KC158 Description: 100% Cotton in tonal shades, perfect for those spring and summer knits. Meters Per Ball: 210 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm | 22sts Pack Size: 12x100g..


KC159_2850_RaspberryKC159_2851_BlueberryKC159_2852_Key LimeKC159_2853_PistachioKC159_2854_SpiceKC159_2855_Pink Fuzz

KingCole CottonSoft Candy Crush DK ( 3-Light,100g )

Yarn: CottonSoft Candy Crush DK Code: KC159 Description: 100% Cotton yarn in fun pops of colour and speckles. Meters Per Ball: 210 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm | 22sts Pack Size: 12x100g..


LA965-0004-Film NoirLA965-0006-PoolsideLA965-0050-DenimLA965-0052-PrismLA965-0061-Mulberry

Lang Arien ( 5-Bulky ,100g )

Fil: Arien Code: LA965 Description: 100% coton Notre laine la plus créative pour vous séduire! Une âme en coton est tissée avec des fils de coton imprimés de façon épurée. Les couleurs se développent littéralement sur le fil. Tonal, lumineux ou comme un dessin à la plume en noir et blanc, chaque coloris déploie son propre caractère. Jouez avec la taille de l'aiguille: tricotez sans serrer pour plus de transparence ou pour un tissu dense. Mètres par balle: 50 Aiguille Taille / Tension: 6 - 7mm / 14sts Taille de l'emballage: 10 x 100g ..


LA987-0004-BLAckLA987-0005-SilverLA987-0018-EvergreenLA987-0034-SapphireLA987-0059-SpiceLA987-0063-CocoaLA987-0064-Deep MauveLA987-0065-PlumLA987-0068-CopperLA987-0070-SageLA987-0088-TealLA987-0094-WhiteLA987-0096-CreamLA987-0098-Olive

Lang Canapa ( 3-Light ,25g )

Filé: Canapa - NOUVEAU FIL Code: LA987 Description: Fabriqué à partir de fibres de chanvre, Canapa est un fil naturel estival frais. La technique de teinture spéciale utilisée donne un aspect légèrement lavé. 100% chanvre Mètres par balle: 80 Aiguille Taille / Tension: 2.5-3mm / 22sts Taille de l'emballage: 10 x 25g ..


LA783-0005-LAbradoriteLA783-0006-Crystal Blue WatersLA783-0013-MeringueLA783-0014-Pink DawnLA783-0016-VerditeLA783-0017-Brazil GreenLA783-0018-Meadow SkyLA783-0021-Cuban WatersLA783-0023-Mystery Grey CloudsLA783-0028-Star RoseLA783-0035-Grey BerriesLA783-0039-Grande CanyonLA783-0044-VarisciteLA783-0045-Purple SandLA783-0059-SunstoneLA783-0061-Red MoonLA783-0062-Agate GeodeLA783-0067-Dark SunLA783-0069-Mountain SunriseLA783-0070-PurpleLA783-0078-SoLAr EnergyLA783-0079-Blue DirtLA783-0088-Pink EarthLA783-0090-Violet VibeLA783-0109-WindmillLA783-0126-Peach CamoLA783-0127-VeronaLA783-0144-Bahamas SkyLA783-0148-ChaicedonyLA783-0160-SakuraLA783-0172-Ocean PearlLA783-0190-Follil

Lang Sol Degrade ( 4-Medium ,100g )

Yarn: Sol Degrade Code: LA783 Description: Light knitted cotton yarn with attractive long-repeat degrade dye effect. 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 180m Needle Size/Tension: 5-5.5mm/18sts Pack Size: 10x100g ..


FDCJ33-1009_Washed BlueFDCJ33-1010_AviationFDCJ33-1011_JeansFDCJ33-1013_SlateFDCJ33-1014_KhakiFDCJ33-1015_LandFDCJ33-1016_Military

Filatura Di Crosa Dolce Amore Jeans Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine)

Yarn: Dolce Amore Jeans - New Yarn Code: FDCJ33 Description: Dolce Amore Jeans excels with its colour selection in denim hues and melange tones. Creating interesting colour work is a breeze as the entire collection is complimentary to one another. 100% Cotton with exceptional quality, perfect choice for year round knitting. Meters Per Ball: 180 Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 3.5mm / 28 sts Pack Size: 10x50g..


FDC33-01_WhiteFDC33-02_NudeFDC33-03_ButtercupFDC33-05_SucculentFDC33-06_Sky BlueFDC33-07_LavenderFDC33-08_PinkFDC33-15_NightfallFDC33-16_EbonyFDC33-34_PoppyFDC33-78_IndigoFDC33-82_Spring GreenFDC33-83_TumericFDC33-85_FawnFDC33-86_PeriwinkleFDC33-87_RoseFDC33-88_DenimFDC33-89_Lagoon

Filatura Di Crosa Dolce Amore Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine)

Yarn: Dolce Amore Code: FDC33 Description: 100% Cotton with a soft twist and rich colour saturation are just some of the fantastic traits that make up Dolce Amore. The perfect choice for any knit project. Meters Per Ball: 180 Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 3.5mm / 26sts Pack Size: 10x50g..


FDC36-1000_CopperFDC36-1001_Clover FieldsFDC36-1002_Turkish DelightFDC36-1003_Flamingo

Filatura Di Crosa Kady Print Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Kady Print Code: FDC36 Description: Just the right amount of sheen, combined with vibrant tonal hues. Buttery soft with loosley twisted ends, Filatura Di Crosa's Kady Print produces a fabric with great drape and body. 100% Mercerized Cotton Meters Per Ball: 125 Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 4mm / 21sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


FDC39-1000_Mocha LatteFDC39-1001_SmokeFDC39-1002_Cherry BlossomFDC39-1003_Lake ViewFDC39-1004_Lagoon

Filatura Di Crosa Madras Print Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Madras Print Code: FDC39 Description: 100% Cotton, soft, breathable, and easy to care for. The same superb qualities as it's solid counterpart, Filatura Di Crosa's Madras Print is a great tonal effect option for year round knitting. Meters Per Ball: 80 Needle Size/Tension: 5 5.5mm / 16sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


FDC38-01_WhiteFDC38-02_NaturalFDC38-03_SandFDC38-04_JasmineFDC38-05_OliveFDC38-06_VermillionFDC38-07_GambogeFDC38-08_AsparagusFDC38-09_Coffee BeanFDC38-10_BlackFDC38-11_SilverFDC38-12_cornflowerFDC38-13_LavenderFDC38-14_CoinFDC38-15_SeafoamFDC38-16_AzureFDC38-17_RubyFDC38-18_TealFDC38-19_BrickFDC38-20_Aegean

Filatura Di Crosa Madras Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Madras Code: FDC38 Description: Soft, breathable, cool, and easy to care for. Filatura Di Crosa's Madras 100% Cotton is great for wearing all year round! 20 outstanding colours to choose from. Mix, match, and play! Meters Per Ball: 80 Needle Size/Tension: 5 - 5.5mm / 16sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..


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