Sugar Bush

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4001_648004_PurePearl4002_648004_Cherish Cream4004_648004_Warm Cocoa4009_648004_Pear4010_648004_AutumnLeaves4011_648004_Cobalt4016_648004_Victorian Rose4017_648004_Paradise Pink4018_648004_Ruby4019_648004_Aquamarine4021_648004_Cardinal4022_648004_Platinum4023_648004_Charcoal4024_648004_Midnight4026_648004_Pear4028_648004_VioletWash4029_648004_ClearSky4030_648004_TrueNavy4032_648004_JadeGreen

Sugar Bush Bliss Yarn

Sugar Bush Bliss yarn blends extrafine superwash merino wool, mulberry silk and cashmere into a luxurious soft yarn. It's perfect for cowls, scarves, and luxury apparel. Machine washable. Weight: 2 - Fine (Sport) | Ball Weight: 1.75 oz. / 50 g | Ball Length: 105 yards / 96 m Content: 70% Extrafine Superwash Merino Wool, 20% Mulberry Silk, 10% Cashmere ..


3002_648003_Dovers Sand3005_648003_Atlantic Almond3009_648003_Mango Toba3020_648003_Red River3022_648003_Deep Blue Superior3026_648003_Grizzly Brown3035_648003_Lac Lavender

Sugar Bush Bold Yarn

The softness of this yarn will amaze you. It's perfect for a variety of projects from sweaters to comfy hats and scarves. It glides on your needles and it's a pleasure to knit with. A 100% extra fine merino with a unique and lovely twist creates a beautiful stitch definition that will compliment any project. This worsted weight yarn (#4 Medium) is a machine washable wool and is the ideal choice for any adult or children's wear. Need a pattern for this yarn? Check out the BOLD Pattern Book by Sugar Bush Yarns - especially designed for this luxury yarn. Skeins come in 100g (3.5oz) weight and 174m (190 yards) length. 16 - 20 sts = 4" (10cm) on US 7 - 9 (4.5 - 5.5mm) The origin of this yarn is Italy. ..


9001_648009_Western White9002_648009_Wheat9003_648009_Rustic9008_648009_Grassy Field9009_648009_Blue Skies9010_648009_By the lake9012_648009_Richer Rose9013_648009_Port-A-Purple9015_648009_Stormy Sky9017_648009_Peaceful Pink9018_648009_Tadoule Teal9019_648009_Terra Cotta9022_648009_Lavish & Lace9023_648009_Serenity Lane

Sugar Bush Cabot Yarn

This is a light-weight (#3 Light) luxury yarn. Ideal for those contemporary pieces that fit the intrinsic lifestyle Cabot is perfectly blended to provide that natural feel and sophisticated look to any project. Skeins come in 100g (3.5oz) weight and 266mm (291 yards) length. 21 - 24 stitches = 4" (10 cm) on 3.75 - 4.50 mm (US 5 - 7) The origin of this yarn is Peru. ..


7002_648007_Sandy Beach7004_648007_Birch7005_648007_Carbon7006_648007_Red Maple7008_648007_Sunset7009_648007_Green River7010_648007_Purple Rains7011_648007_Pink Paddle

Sugar Bush Canoe Yarn

What a great versatile bulky yarn for all kinds of projects - from sweaters to shawls and toques. The tweed effect is perfect for sweaters and pullovers but also gives accessories a trendy flair. Canoe is stylish blend of wool and alpaca. This bulky weight yarn and it's earthy tweed effects gives any garment that fashion-forward edge. (#5 Bulky) Need a pattern for this yarn? Check out the CANOE Pattern Book by Sugar Bush Yarns - especially designed for this luxury yarn. Skeins come in 50g (1.75oz) weight and 87m (95 yards) length. 12 - 15 sts = 4" (10cm) on US 9 - 11 (5.5 - 8mm) The origin of this yarn is Italy. ..



Sugar Bush Chill Yarn

Super bulky cosiness and warmth - just what you need for these cold winter days. For weather that is frosty, Chill is a roving yarn with a luxuriously plush, natural fibre designed to keep the chill out. It is a lofty 100% merino wool that won't weigh you down. A quick knit yarn that will leave an ever-lasting love for this bulky weight beauty. Need a pattern for this yarn? Check out the CHILL Pattern Book by Sugar Bush Yarns - especially designed for this luxury yarn. Skeins come in 100g (3.5oz) weight and 48m (52 yards) length. 6 - 11 sts = 4" (10cm) on US 11 - 17 (8 - 12.75mm) The origin of this yarn is Italy. ..


2001_648002_Snowbird2002_648002_Creme2003_648002_Breton Beige2004_648002_Goog Gold2005_648002_Clay2006_648002_Russet2007_648002_Peaceful Pink2010_648002_Moncton Mango2011_648002_Fiesta2012_648002_Fundy Fern2017_648002_Nickel2019_648002_Lead2020_648002_Zinc2021_648002_Red Bay2022_648002_Bonavista Blue2023_648002_Deep Sea Blue2025_648002_Provincial Peach2026_648002_Maple2027_648002_Brown Bear2028_648002_Balsam2030_648002_Laurentian Lavender2032_648002_Keystone Lime

Sugar Bush Crisp Yarn

This dk weight yarn with 100% extra fine merino wool is ideal for those light-weight projects that require the finest. Crisp is a light weight 100% extra fine merino wool that has an incredibly soft texture and exquisite stitch definition. (#3 Light weight) Need a pattern for this yarn? Check out the CRISP Pattern Book by Sugar Bush Yarns - especially designed for this luxury yarn. Skeins come in 50g (1.75oz) weight and 87m (95 yards) length. 21 - 24 sts = 4" (10cm) on US 5 - 7 (3.75 - 4.5mm) The origin of this yarn is Italy...


648013-1301P10_ Intense Ivory648013-1302P10_Tawny Taupe648013-1303P10_ Graphite Gray648013-1304P10_ Regal Raven648013-1305P10_ Darling Dahlia648013-1306P10_ Lonesome Lilac648013-1307P10_ Wild Willow648013-1308P10_ Mossy Meadow648013-1309P10_ Babbling Brook648013-1310P10_ Navy Night648013-1311P10_ Colbalt Creek648013-1312P10_ Wandering Wine648013-1313P10_ Flickering Flame648013-1314P10_ Teal Trails

Sugar Bush Dawson ( 5 - Bulky , 100g )

Sugar Bush Dawson, 50% LlamaSoft, 50% extra fine merino, Bulky Weight, Graphite Gray, 100 g Ball..


8003_648008_Mudpie8004_648008_Dewdrop8005_648008_Aqua Frost8007_648008_Pink Puddle8008_648008_Rose Garden8012_648008_Orange Peel8014_648008_Blue Haze8015_648008_Royal Rain8016_648008_Navy Night8017_648008_Red Sky8019_648008_Rain Cloud8021_648008_Ruchsia Flurry

Sugar Bush Drizzle

This is a super fine weight (#1 Super Fine) luxury yarn. Ideal for loose knit and crochet garments and accessories Drizzle is a luxurious blend of super kid mohair and silk. This beautiful fine weight yarn provides the elegance of lace in 22 trendy colours. Skeins come in 25 g (0.9 oz) weight and 200 m (219 yards) length. 27 - 32 stitches = 4" (10 cm) on 2.25 - 3.25 mm (US 1 - 3) The origin of this yarn is Romania...


6001_648006_Autumn Leaves6002_648006_Blazing Sky6003_648006_Calming Breeze6004_648006_Brown Sugar6005_648006_Toffee6006_648006_Sailors Delight6007_648006_Sherbet6008_648006_Amystic Moon6009_648006_Candy Floss6010_648006_Lavender Ice

Sugar Bush Glaze Yarn

Add a little sparkle to your knitting project. Glaze is a glittery blend of cotton, acrylic and metallized polyester. This bulky weight yarn adds a little bit of flair to any sweater or accessory. Perfect for holiday knitting. (#5 Bulky) Need a pattern for this yarn? Check out the GLAZE Pattern Book by Sugar Bush Yarns - especially designed for this luxury yarn. Skeins come in 50g (1.75oz) weight and 68m (75 yards) length. 12 - 15 sts = 4" (10cm) on US 9 - 11 (5.5 - 8mm) The origin of this yarn is Italy. ..


5001_648005_Buttercream5003_648005_Midnight5004_648005_Crimson5007_648005_Faded Denim5008_648005_Indigo5014_648005_Arctic Sky5019_648005_Heavenly Teals5022_648005_Rural Paradise5024_648005_Pastel Pizzazz

Sugar Bush Itty-Bitty Yarn

Just imagine the lace you can knit or crochet with this beautiful yarn! It's perfect for light-weight projects of all seasons. From boot cuff warmers to lacy light sweaters for the beach. From warm socks to gorgeous shawls. Super fine blend of merino and nylon with an infusion of cashmere for ultimate comfort and softness. Need a pattern for this yarn? Check out the ITTY-BITTY Pattern Book by Sugar Bush Yarns - especially designed for this luxury yarn. Skeins come in 50g (1.75oz) weight and 140m (153 yards) length. 27 - 32 sts = 4" (10cm) on US 1 - 3 (2.25 - 3.25mm) The origin of this yarn is Italy. ..


648011-1101P10_ Mauve Mingle648011-1102P10_ Rustic Rainbow648011-1103P10_ Twisted Tan648011-1104P10_ Peppered Teal648011-1105P10_ Burgundy Blast648011-1106P10_ Multi Moss648011-1107P10_ Flashy Fuchsia648011-1108P10_ Mosaic Mango648011-1109P10_ Rose Hue648011-1110P10_ Cool Cobalt648011-1111P10_ Speckled Scarlet648011-1112P10_ Gold Dust648011-1113P10_ Flecks of Forest648011-1114P10_ Prism Pink

Sugar Bush Motley ( 3- Light, 100g )

Sugar Bush Motley, 60% super fine Alpaca, 40% Merino Wool, Double Knitting Weight, Mauve Mingle, 100 g Hank..


648012-1201P10_ Coconut648012-1202P10_ Bastion Beige648012-1203P10_ Raspberry648012-1204P10_ Eccentric Sand Dollar648012-1205P10_ Custard648012-1206P10_ Harbour City Blue648012-1207P10_ Petroglyph Grey648012-1208P10_ Newcastle Stone648012-1209P10_ Salish Sunset648012-1210P10_ Mint648012-1211P10_ Piper's Lagoon648012-1212P10_ Chocolate648012-1213P10_ Cherry648012-1214P10_ Pinot Noir648012-1215P10_ Coal

Sugar Bush Nanaimo ( 1- Super Fine, 50g )

Sugar Bush Nanaimo, 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% mulberry silk, Fingering Weight, Raspberry, 50 g Ball..


648010-1001P10_ Boho Beige648010-1002P10_ Serenity Sand648010-1003P10_ Chocolate Crave648010-1004P10_ Silver Splendour648010-1005P10_ Smoky Spirit648010-1006P10_ Forest Fury648010-1007P10_ Denim Devotion648010-1008P10_ Intense Indigo648010-1009P10_ Fierce Flame648010-1010P10_ Merlot Madness648010-1011P10_ Ravishing Rose648010-1012P10_ Passion Plum

Sugar Bush Rapture ( 4 - Medium, 100g )

Sugar Bush Rapture, 50% Llama, 50% superfine Merino Wool, Knitting Worsted Weight, Serenity Sand, 100 g Hank..


648015-1501P10_ Morning Frost648015-1502P10_ Pebbled Path648015-1503P10_ Thatched Roof648015-1504P10_ Sandy Shore648015-1505P10_ Mahogany648015-1506P10_ Wood Grain648015-1507P10_ Chimney Smoke648015-1508P10_ Mossy Trail648015-1509P10_ Sea Glass648015-1510P10_ Red Brick648015-1511P10_ Wildflower648015-1512P10_ Twilight

Sugar Bush Shanty ( 4 - Medium, 100g )

Sugar Bush Shanty, 75% superwash Merino Wool, 25% Linen Knitting Worsted Weight, Morning Frost, 100 g Hank..


648014-1401P10_  Wintry White648014-1402P10_  Crisp Cream648014-1403P10_  Frosty Brown648014-1404P10_  Lemonade648014-1405P10_  Frozen Fern648014-1406P10_  Sharp Rust648014-1407P10_  Snowy Spruce648014-1408P10_  Ice648014-1409P10_  Cool Charcoal648014-1410P10_  Blackout648014-1411P10_  Polar Pink648014-1412P10_  Glacier Plum648014-1413P10_  Arctic Purple648014-1414P10_  Icy Orchid648014-1415P10_  Frost Bite648014-1416P10_  Icicle Teal648014-1417P10_  Tundra Teal648014-1418P10_  Bitter Blue648014-1419P10_  Nippy Navy648014-1420P10_  Yukon Yellow648014-1421P10_  Extremely Royal

Sugar Bush Shiver ( 4 - Medium, 50g )

Sugar Bush Shiver, 65% superwash merino wool, 25% kid mohair, 10% silk, Knitting Worsted Weight, Frosty Brown, 50 g Ball..


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