7 - Jumbo & Fancy

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BO-BG73-11_Cream MultiBO-BG73-22_OrangeBO-BG73-33_PinkBO-BG73-44_Grey MultiBO-BG73-55_Light PurpleBO-BG73-66_Dark PurpleBO-BG73-77_Grey-GreenBO-BG73-88_Forest Green

Borgo de'Pazzi Bibi Yarn ( 7 - Jumbo & Fancy )

Yarn: Bibi - NEW YARN Code: BO-BG73 Description: Bibi is a thick and thin yarn with lots of character and a handspun look. 60% Wool, 25% Acrylic, 15% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 140 Needle Size/Tension: 12mm | 7 sts Pack Size: 5 x 200g ..


BO-BG46-01_Moutain LandscapeBO-BG46-02_Cactus FlowerBO-BG46-03_Forest FogBO-BG46-04_PlumesBO-BG46-05_ToucanBO-BG46-06_Arizona CanyonBO-BG46-07_Green GroveBO-BG46-11_Grey ScaleBO-BG46-12_WhisperBO-BG46-13_BrickBO-BG46-14_Dip DyeBO-BG46-15_Concord RoyalBO-BG46-16_Airy BerryBO-BG46-17_Forest Camo

Borgo de'Pazzi Magic Kette Yarn ( 7 - Jumbo & Fancy )

Yarn: Magic Kette Code: BO-BG46 Description: Borgo De Pazzi's Magic Kette is just as the name suggests...magic! Simply unravel and knit it's that easy, no winding required. Superwash, 75% Wool, 25% Polyamide, and fourteen electrifying colour combinations to choose from....Good luck choosing just one. Copy and paste the link below into your browser to see the youtube demo for Magic Kette! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrkyyzfHwDs Meters Per Ball: 420 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5 - 3mm / 30sts Pack Size: 5 x 100g ..


FDC05-01_WhiteFDC05-02_AlmondFDC05-03_Antique BrassFDC05-04_Light GreyFDC05-05_Dark GreyFDC05-06_Sand - NEWFDC05-07_Periwinkle - NEW

Filatura Di Crosa Fluffy Yarn ( 7 - Jumbo & Fancy)

Yarn: Fluffy Code: FDC05 Description: 95% Wool, 5% Acrylic Meters Per Ball: 28m Needle Size/Tension: Pack Size: 10x100g ..



James C. Brett Chinchilla ( 7 - Jumbo & Fancy ,100g )

WEIGHT 100g LENGTH 66m/71yds NEEDLE SIZE 10MM TENSION 7sts to 10 rows COMPOSITION 100% Polyester ..



KingCole Funny Yummy ( 7-Jumbo&Fancy,100g )

Yarn: Funny Yummy - NEW YARN Code: KC170 Description: A fun yarn for making big quick knits! 100% Polyester Meters Per Ball: 44 Needle Size/Tension: 12mm | 5sts Pack Size: 6x100g ..



KingCole Tufty ( 7-Jumbo&Fancy,200g )

Yarn: Tufty - NEW YARN Code: KC156 Description: Tufty is perfect for making soft and squish-able toys, with it's fur like qualities, kids will love whatever you make. 100% Polyester Meters Per Ball: 80 Needle Size/Tension: 10mm | 8sts Pack Size: 4 x 200g ..


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