Manos Del Uruguay Alegria Watercolours Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine)

Yarn: Alegria Watercolours - NEW COLOURS Code: MA15 Description: Alegria is probably one of the most popular yarns in the world of knitting. Known for it rich vibrant colour combinations and an incredible softness that just cant be matched. An incredible choice for knit accessories such as socks, shawls, mitts and hats. 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon Meters Per Ball: 400 Needle Size/Tension: 3mm / 28-32 sts Pack Size: 5x100g or 10x100g

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Manos Del Uruguay Alegria Watercolours Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine)

  • C$29.99

Available Options

  • MA15-A2020_Spirulina
  • MA15-A2110_Zinnia
  • MA15-A2175_Euphoria
  • MA15-A2194_Popsicle
  • MA15-A2294_Loam
  • MA15-A2426_Stratus
  • MA15-A2463_Pescador
  • MA15-A2530_Nickel
  • MA15-A2545_Pewter
  • MA15-A2600_Magenta
  • MA15-A401_Paula
  • MA15-A403_Silhouette
  • MA15-A404_Watered Silk
  • MA15-A405_Peacock Plume
  • MA15-A406_Wardian Case
  • MA15-A407_Velvet Pincushion
  • MA15-A408_Crystal Goblet
  • MA15-A409_Antique Lace
  • MA15-A410_Pocket Watch
  • MA15-A411_Ashley
  • MA15-A412_Ocean Waves
  • MA15-A413_Dusty Pink
  • MA15-A414_Ivory Letter Opener
  • MA15-A415_Marshes
  • MA15-A417_Solar Flare
  • MA15-A418_Sunflower
  • MA15-A419_Golden Rings
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