Juniper Moon Farm

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KCUM_01_PearlKCUM_02_StoneKCUM_13_GreyhoundKCUM_14_Lancelot EncoreKCUM_15_ClydesdaleKCUM_16_White LionKCUM_17_Clumber SpanielKCUM_18_Tibetan MastiffKCUM_19_Cardinal RoyaleKCUM_20_Andean FlamingoKCUM_21_Cascadia PetuniaKCUM_22_NarwhaleKCUM_23_Toucan BayKCUM_24_Praying MantisKCUM_27_Goldfish Sparkle

Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus Yarn

For a lofty, tactile knitting experience, you should try Juniper Moon Farm’s Cumulus. This divinely lightweight yarn is made from 94% Israeli Mako Cotton, one of the highest quality produced cottons. Knit fresh and vibrant shawls and wraps with the selection of bright, contemporary colors. See less Craft Knitting Brand Juniper Moon Farm Yarn Weight Aran Blend 94% Cotton 6% Nylon Needles US 7 (4.5mm) - US 9 (5.5mm) Crochet Hooks G (4.50mm) - I (5.50mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 250yds (229m) Gauge 4 stitches, 4 rows to 10cm/4" Care Hand Wash ..


KFIN_1_ FrescoKFIN_2_ MidnightKFIN_3_ GraphiteKFIN_4_ RenaissanceKFIN_7_ AtmosphereKFIN_9_ BittersweetKFIN_10_ HyacinthKFIN_13_ OysterKFIN_14_ DoveKFIN_16_ GarnetKFIN_18_ MermaidKFIN_19_ RappahannockKFIN_20_ Tiger LilyKFIN_21_ MalachiteKFIN_23_ SnowKFIN_25_ BuckwheatKFIN_26_ MulberryKFIN_27_ Purple PetuniaKFIN_28_ Rusty CopperKFIN_29_ GreengageKFIN_30_ Lilac BushesKFIN_31_ PeriwinkleKFIN_32_ CeriseKFIN_33_ Bright YellowKFIN_35_ Bright RedKFIN_36_ Deep BlueKFIN_37_ Rich PurpleKFIN_38_ Deep PinkKFIN_40_ Sea GreenKFIN_41_ BrownKFIN_43_ Tamarind SpiritKFIN_44_ Hot TangerineKFIN_45_ Tropical TealKFIN_47_ Hunter GreenKFIN_48_ ChocochinoKFIN_49_ ScarletKFIN_50_ SpeedwellKFIN_51_ Old RoseKFIN_52_ HoneydewKFIN_53_ CornflowerKFIN_54_ MolassesKFIN_55_ MerlotKFIN_56_ CuracaoKFIN_57_ WakameKFIN_58_ Chamomile

Juniper Moon Farm Findley Yarn

Product details Findley from Juniper Moon Farm is 50% merino wool, 50% silk and 100% luscious! Soft, smooth and with a beautiful sheen, this lace yarn is ideal for delicate knits on US 2 (2.75mm) needles and comes in a wonderful selection of modern colors. And at nearly 800 yards, this yarn goes a long way! See less Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand Juniper Moon Farm Yarn Weight Lace | 2 Ply Blend 50% Merino Wool 50% Silk Needles US 2 (2.75mm) Crochet Hooks C (2.75mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 798yds (730m) Gauge 30 stitches to 4" Care Hand Wash Do Not Bleach Dry Flat ..


KFIND_101_UncialKFIND_109_AuroraKFIND_112_CloudbankKFIND_114_MacawKFIND_117_Pink, PurpleKFIND_118_Yellow, Green, PinkKFIND_119_Greens, YellowKFIND_121_StanzaKFIND_122_ArcadiaKFIND_128_Aqua RainbowKFIND_129_Roast TurkeyKFIND_131_Warm CoolKFIND_139_Mystical GrapeKFIND_141_GrapevineKFIND_142_FlamingoKFIND_143_Sail AwayKFIND_145_Victorian GardenKFIND_146_Gold WestKFIND_147_MonteverdeKFIND_148_GlastonburyKFIND_149_Apache SunriseKFIND_150_RaindanceKFIND_151_Laguna BayKFIND_152_MontecarloKFIND_153_SundanceKFIND_154_Holly SpringsKFIND_155_KeystoneKFIND_156_Violet Hill

Juniper Moon Farm FindleyDappled Yarn

Product details Coordinating perfectly with the solid shades of Findley, Juniper Moon Farm's Findley Dappled is made from the same luscious blend of merino and silk. Designed so that the colourway’s individual shades won’t pool. Findley Dappled is soft, smooth and has a beautiful sheen, it is lovely to knit with as it doesn’t split whilst knitting. See less Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand Juniper Moon Farm Yarn Weight Lace | 2 Ply Blend 50% Merino Wool 50% Silk Needles US 2 (2.75mm) Crochet Hooks C (2.75mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 798yds (730m) Gauge 30 stitches to 4" Care Hand Wash Do Not Bleach Dry Flat ..


KFOU_1_MidnightKFOU_2_DreamscapeKFOU_3_Silent NightKFOU_4_Morning MistKFOU_5_Emerald LakeKFOU_6_Tidal WaveKFOU_7_SplendeurKFOU_9_Bordeaux PetalKFOU_10_EternityKFOU_11_Blue RidgeKFOU_12_Oasis

Juniper Moon Farm Fourteen Yarn

Juniper Moon Farm brings you a stunning worsted weight yarn with their new Fourteen line. Rich jewel tones in merino and cashmere are as luxurious as you can imagine! This all natural yarn has an i-cord construction for superior strength and durability, while still retaining the delicious feel of these luxurious fibers. Excellent for garments worn close to the skin for that super soft feel and comfort. ..


KHERR_1_TalcKHERR_4_WalnutKHERR_5_Ghost FernKHERR_6_River BirchKHERR_8_SycamoreKHERR_9_TravertineKHERR_1001_Black River StoneKHERR_1003_Dark HarborKHERR_1004_CranberryKHERR_1005_Stone BlueKHERR_1006_MossKHERR_1007_Mountains MajestyKHERR_1014_Yellow HeatherKHERR_1015_Orange HeatherKHERR_1016_Green HeatherKHERR_1018_Pink HeatherKHERR_1019_Dark Teal HeatherKHERR_1021_Be BoldKHERR_1022_Cream and WoodKHERR_1024_Black River FallsKHERR_1030_Sierra NevadaKHERR_1031_Laguna GrandeKHERR_1032_Golden LlamaKHERR_1033_Sangria SourKHERR_1034_Montana NightsKHERR_1035_Aqua PuraKHERR_1036_Condor ValleyKHERR_1037_Inca TrailKHERR_1039_CornerstoneKHERR_1040_RosewoodKHERR_1041_MonticelloKHERR_1042_SargassoKHERR_1043_Orchidea

Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Yarn

Product details Made with 100% baby alpaca, Juniper Moon Farm's Herriot is a wonderful, soft and, luscious DK yarn! Knit on 3.25 – 4.5mm needles, we can imagine its gorgeous range of colours and soft halo lending themselves to heavenly sweaters with elegant drape, or warm berets and scarves. See more Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand Juniper Moon Farm Yarn Weight DK | Light Worsted Blend 100% Baby Alpaca Needles US 7 (4.5mm) Crochet Hooks G (4.50mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 219yds (200m) Gauge 21-24 stitches to 4" Care Hand Wash Dry Flat ..


KHF_2001_TravertineKHF_2006_Black River StoneKHF_2009_English HollyKHF_2010_LakevilleKHF_2011_Merlot RedKHF_2012_Deep Plum PassionKHF_2013_Villa BlancaKHF_2015_Pampa SunriseKHF_2017_Bahia BeachKHF_2022_Nazca SkiesKHF_2025_CampfireKHF_2026_SeascapeKHF_2027_Shamrock

Juniper Moon Farm HerriotFine Yarn

Product details Super-soft Juniper Moon Farm’s Herriot Fine is a blend of baby alpaca with a touch of nylon for durability. This 2ply yarn comes in a range of delightfully heathered shades and is a great choice for light and airy, yet warm shawls or even cool sweaters. Knit on US 0 (2mm) - US 2 (2.75mm) needles. See more Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand Juniper Moon Farm Yarn Weight Light Fingering Blend 75% Baby Alpaca 25% Polyamide Needles US 0 (2mm) - US 2 (2.75mm) Crochet Hooks 2.00mm - C (2.75mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 461yds (422m) Gauge 28 - 40 stitches to 4" Care Hand Wash Dry Flat ..


KNEVE_01_SandboxKNEVE_02_BashfulKNEVE_03_Duck EggsKNEVE_04_MazzyKNEVE_05_ArubaKNEVE_07_Morning GloryKNEVE_08_Tree FrogKNEVE_09_SmokeKNEVE_11_LagoonKNEVE_12_PondicherryKNEVE_13_MonetKNEVE_14_PosyKNEVE_16_MarinerKNEVE_17_SiriusKNEVE_18_Clean SlateKNEVE_19_LimelightKNEVE_20_OrangevilleKNEVE_21_SweetheartKNEVE_22_Cherry BerryKNEVE_23_ValentineKNEVE_24_BrandywineKNEVE_25_MulberryKNEVE_26_PacificKNEVE_27_Salt LakeKNEVE_28_Golf CourseKNEVE_29_Prairie DustKNEVE_30_GraphiteKNEVE_31_Deep PearlKNEVE_32_Vanilla FlowerKNEVE_33_Hot EspressoKNEVE_34_Iced DropKNEVE_35_Choco LatteKNEVE_36_Aruba BlueKNEVE_37_Purple PassionKNEVE_38_Cappuccino SwirlKNEVE_39_Sage LeafKNEVE_40_Olive TwistKNEVE_41_ChardonnayKNEVE_42_Salmon RushKNEVE_43_CornflowerKNEVE_44_SeafoamKNEVE_45_LavenderKNEVE_46_Azalea

Juniper Moon Farm Neve Yarn

Product details Juniper Moon Farm’s Neve is a 100% cotton yarn with a chainette construction. This makes it a light and airy choice for warm weather garments such as cardigans, tops, shawls and wraps for the beach. Worsted weight, it knits up on 4-4.5mm needles and comes in a selection of bright shades. See more Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand Juniper Moon Farm Yarn Weight Worsted Blend 100% Cotton Needles US 6 (4mm) Crochet Hooks F (4.00mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 222yds (203m) Gauge 18-22 stitches, 28-32 rows to 4" Care Machine Wash Gentle, Cold Iron, Low Do Not Bleach Dry Flat ..



Juniper Moon Farm StargazerBall

uniper Moon Farm Stargazer is made of the finest baby llama fiber and silk—a luxurious combination with remarkable softness, a gorgeous halo and the barest hint of sheen. Stargazer is a sport weight yarn in a range of natural to richly-dyed solids. Create unforgettable, touchable garments and accessories. ..


KSTRAT_101_Falling StarKSTRAT_102_NebulaKSTRAT_103_Cloud AtlasKSTRAT_104_Black DiamondKSTRAT_105_Golden DuskKSTRAT_106_Vine ValleyKSTRAT_107_Vanilla SkyKSTRAT_108_River BirchKSTRAT_109_Red MapleKSTRAT_110_Purple RainKSTRAT_111_Pumpkin PatchKSTRAT_112_TulipsKSTRAT_113_DenimKSTRAT_114_OnyxKSTRAT_115_ChestnutKSTRAT_116_CinnabarKSTRAT_117_HoneypotKSTRAT_118_EvergreenKSTRAT_120_Verbena

Juniper Moon Farm Stratus Yarn

Stratus from Juniper Moon Farm is an elegant blend of Merino, Yak, Nylon and Baby Alpaca. Light as a feather, this very soft blend will make wonderful accessories for the cooler months. Contents: 60% Merino Wool, 20% Nylon (polyamide), 10% Yak, 10% Baby Alpaca Yardage: Approx 142 yards Gauge: 4.5 sts per inch on a US 10.0 needle ..


KZOO_01_Sea SaltKZOO_02_Toasted CoconutKZOO_03_White PepperKZOO_04_TaroKZOO_05_CuminKZOO_06_Sel GrisKZOO_07_CardamomKZOO_08_All SpiceKZOO_10_AriseKZOO_11_MainsailKZOO_12_Tell-TaleKZOO_13_KetchKZOO_14_BuoyKZOO_15_RiggingKZOO_16_SloopKZOO_19_JibKZOO_20_JennyKZOO_25_Twilight BlueKZOO_31_GreyhoundKZOO_32_PearlKZOO_33_StardustKZOO_34_OrangevilleKZOO_38_AquamarineKZOO_40_CamelliaKZOO_41_Arctic BlueKZOO_44_Amarula

Juniper Moon Farm Zooey Yarn

Juniper Moon Farm Zooey is comfortable blend of cotton and linen with a gentle thick and thin texture. Juniper Farm Zooey, like other cotton and linen blends, really comes alive after being washed. The cotton adds a noticeable softness while the linen gives it a boost of strength. This DK weight yarn is perfect for warmer weather knitting due to the cool nature of both fiber types. Zooey is available in a variety of earthy tones and has 284 yards in every 100g ball. 60% Cotton, 40% linen. ..



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