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Lang Ayumi ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ) - DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Ayumi - NEW YARN Code: LA988 Description: High quality Mako cotton is knitted into a light chainette yarn. The yarn is dyed with a degrade gradient effect resulting in attractive colour changes when knit up. Meters Per Ball: 700 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5-3.5mm / 30sts Pack Size: 5x100g ..


LA987-0004-BLAckLA987-0005-SilverLA987-0018-EvergreenLA987-0034-SapphireLA987-0059-SpiceLA987-0063-CocoaLA987-0064-Deep MauveLA987-0065-PlumLA987-0068-CopperLA987-0070-SageLA987-0088-TealLA987-0094-WhiteLA987-0096-CreamLA987-0098-Olive

Lang Canapa ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Canapa - NEW YARN Code: LA987 Description: Spun from hemp fibers, Canapa is a cool summery natural yarn. The special dye technique used results in a slightly washed appearance. 100% Hemp Meters Per Ball: 80 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5-3mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10 x 25g ..


Lang Cashmere Premium ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Cashmere Premium Code: LA78 Description: Pure top quality cashmere. Only the finest cashmere is used to make this yarn. Premium animal fibre for incredible comfort with lightness, breathability and incomparable warmth. 100% Cashmere Meters Per Ball: 115 Needle Size/Tension: 3.5 - 4.5mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10x25g ..



Lang Cashmerino for Babies and more ( 2-Fine ,50g )

Yarn: Cashmerino for Babies and More - NEW YARN Code: LA1012 Description: Coming Soon! Lang Cashmerino for Babies and More is a super soft, easy care yarn. Perfect for all baby items and children's wear, including blankets, sweaters, toys, hats, socks and more! Machine Wash Cool, Dry Flat. 55% Wool, 33% Acrylic, 12% Cashmere Meters Per Ball: 125 Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5mm | 25 sts Pack Size: 10x50g ..



Lang Donegal ( 3-Light ,50g ) -DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Donegal Code: LA789 Description: Classic Donegal Tweed, spun and dyed according to the old tradition in Ireland. As a consequence of production methods variations in length and breaking strength may occur, this is characteristic of this original wool tweed.100% Merino Wool Meters Per Ball: 190 Needle Size/Tension: 3.5 - 4mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10x50g ..



Lang Drago ( 4-Medium ,50g ) - DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Drago - NEW YARN Code: LA999 Description: Drago is a soft, fluffy yarn with lots of fun character. A black mohair base, and pops of fun colour throughout ensure a graphic and bold look. 41% Mohair, 25% Wool, 18% Nylon, 16% Acrylic Meters Per Ball: 100 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5-5mm | 17sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..


LA899-0104-Midnight Stars

Lang Filo ( 3-Light ,50g ) - DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Filo - NEW COLOURS Code: LA899 Description: This unique yarn is comprised of 75% cotton and 25% nylon, giving it a beautiful sheen. Perfect for warmer weather accessories and garments. Meters Per Ball: 200m Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 3.5mm / 25 stitches Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..



Lang Finn ( 5-Bulky ,50g ) -DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Finn Code: LA972 Description: 72% Virgin wool creates great body for those projects that require more structure,and 28% Acrylic provides memory for shape and longevity. 10 loosely twisted vibrant colour combinations to choose from. Meters Per Ball: 80 Needle Size/Tension: 5 - 5.5mm / 15sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..


LA961-0009-OrchidsLA961-0016-MeadowLA961-0029-EruptionLA961-0059-Poppy FieldsLA961-0067-Wild FlowerLA961-0095-Sun Showers

Lang Fiora ( 4-Medium ,50g ) - DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Fiora Code: LA961 Description: 42% Cotton, 42% Acrylic, 16% Viscose Where colour and creativity meet. Fiora surprises us with a wonderful mix of many colours, some matte, some shiny, some light, some dark. This colourful yarn makes us think of wild flower meadows. Meters Per Ball: 145 Needle Size/Tension: 4 - 4.5mm / 19sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..


LA997-0003-White On WhiteLA997-0009-Pink On BLAckLA997-0020-Blue On BLAckLA997-0022-Cream On CreamLA997-0024-White On BLAckLA997-0026-Tan On CreamLA997-0030-Peach On GreyLA997-0034-Blue On GreyLA997-0064-Red On BLAckLA997-0068-Brown On BLAckLA997-0070-Grey On BLAckLA997-0097-Gold On BLAckLA997-0109-Pink On GreyLA997-0164-Red On GreyLA997-0197-Gold On Grey

Lang Freya ( 3-Light ,50g ) - DISCONTINUED

Lang yarns Freya novelty knitting yarn, is composed of 38% cotton, 32% nylon, 17% alpaca, 13% virgin wool and knits on knitting needles 4-4.5 mm (US 5-6 / UK 8-7) for a gauge of 21 st. and 31 rows. In a 50g (1.75 oz) ball there are about 205 m (210 yds) so for quantities plan: Men size M: 500 g (10 balls) Women size M: 350 g (7 balls) Children 10 yrs: 250 g (5 balls) Machine wash 30°C (86°F) with gentle detergent for wool without fabric softener. ..



Lang Jawoll Magic ( 1-Super Fine ,100g )-DISCONTINUED

Magic yarn indeed - Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Degrade changes color as you knit, making every project unique! In some cleverly blended colorways, this beautiful print effect yarn knits up on US 1.5 (2.5mm) - US 4 (3.5mm) needles, and would be perfect for socks, shawls and fine knits. 75% virgin wool and 25% nylon will keep your knitting in shape and give it pliability, as well as enabling you to wash this yarn in the machine. See less Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand Lang Yarns Yarn Weight Fingering Blend 75% Virgin Wool, 25% Nylon Needles US 1.5 (2.5mm) - US 4 (3.5mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 400m (437 yds) Gauge 28 stitches, 40 rows to 4" Care Machine Wash Gentle, Warm Iron, Low Do Not Bleach Tumble Dry, Normal, Low Heat Dry Clean in Certain Solvents ..


LA83-0001-White CrystalLA83-0003-Smoke SilverLA83-0004-Midnight BLAckLA83-0005-Smoke MistLA83-0006-CobaltLA83-0007-Smoke MauveLA83-0020-Grey GreenLA83-0022-Baby BarnLA83-0023-White SmokeLA83-0025-Midnight NavyLA83-0032-Pastel PacificLA83-0033-Old NavyLA83-0034-Mystery OceanLA83-0043-Sunflower YellowLA83-0045-Vintage BarnLA83-0056-Red LeopardLA83-0058-Blue CandyLA83-0060-Red CoralLA83-0061-Red LipstickLA83-0067-Dark ChcocLAteLA83-0069-Old DenimLA83-0070-Brown DirtLA83-0084-MaroonLA83-0086-Grey FogLA83-0094-Heavenly CloudLA83-0095-Rustic BarnLA83-0109-Cotton Candy PinkLA83-0110-Aqua CaribbeanLA83-0116-Granny SmithLA83-0119-BubblegumLA83-0124-Brown BearLA83-0137-OreoLA83-0150-CornLA83-0151-Grey StripesLA83-0152-ChessLA83-0159-Orange CoralLA83-0168-OtterLA83-0184-Pink LipstickLA83-0188-Jade TealLA83-0190-VioletLA83-0198-Green MossLA83-0215-CopperLA83-0216-Green AppleLA83-0219-Pastel MauveLA83-0220-Turquoise SkyLA83-0226-Puff CloudLA83-0228-TangerineLA83-0234-Pastel LAgoonLA83-0235-French BlueLA83-0245-Silver MauveLA83-0246-LAvenderLA83-0248-Ivory PinkLA83-0249-Morning SunLA83-0258-Blue DenimLA83-0275-RustLA83-0279-Blue WatersLA83-0280-Royal PurpleLA83-0288-BlueberryLA83-0290-Italian PlumLA83-0339-Gold FieldsLA83-0348-Pink BlushLA83-0372-Faded TealLA83-0379-Blue BahamasLA83-0380-Purple LillesLA83-0388-TurquoiseLA83-0390-Royal BurgundyLA83-0480-Royal LiLAc

Lang Jawoll Superwash sock ( 1-Super Fine ,50g )

Yarn: Jawoll Superwash Sock Code: LA83 Description: Jawoll - the sock wool classic, tried, tested and approved for many years - includes heel re-inforcement yarn to strengthen heels and toes to lengthen the life of your socks! 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon Meters Per Ball: 210m Needle Size/Tension: 2.5-3.5mm Pack Size: 5x50g or 10x50g ..


LA992-0004-BLAckLA992-0006-CobaltLA992-0007-LiLAcLA992-0009-BlushLA992-0013-YellowLA992-0023-SilverLA992-0027-PeachLA992-0028-ApricotLA992-0033-SLAte BlueLA992-0034-ShadowLA992-0048-NudeLA992-0058-SkyLA992-0060-RubyLA992-0068-CopperLA992-0070-CharcoalLA992-0072-CelesteLA992-0080-BordeauxLA992-0094-CreamLA992-0098-Hunter

Lang Lace ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Lace - NEW YARN Code: LA992 Description: Treat yourself to the most beautiful materials occurring in nature! Lang's Lace is feather-light, airy, with a look of sophistication and luxe. Beautiful lace patterns are recommended to compliment. 58% Mohair, 42% Silk Meters Per Ball: 310 Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5mm / 26sts Pack Size: 10 x 25g..


L901-0263_La Gomera L901-0264_La Palma L901-0265_Gran Canaria L901-0266_Madeira L901-0267_Fuerteventura L901-0268_Teneriffa L901-0288_Margarita L901-0289_Bloody Mary L901-0290_Cuba Libre L901-0291_Pina Colada L901-0292_Blue Curacao L901-0298_Rain L901-0299_Fog L901-0300_Thunder L901-0301_Clouds L901-0302_Rainbow L901-0309_Valley L901-0310_Cave L901-0311_Flood L901-0312_Sky L901-0313_Mountain L901-0314_Tide

Lang Lang SuperSoxx-twinsoxx ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ) - DISCONTINUED

Lang Sock Yarns   Lang Super Soxx is a high-quality sock yarn. With colours that have been dyed for fantastic effects, and easy care, it's sure to become your go-to sock yarn. Twin Soxx (L909 codes) feature a section of contrasting yarn halfway through the ball, marking where the exact pattern begins again - providing perfectly matched socks!   Code: L901 and L909 Meters Per Ball: 400 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5-3.5mm | 28sts Colours: (42 Available) Categories: Sock, Nylon, Wool Care instructions:  Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low Content: 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon ..


LA945-0005-Heavy Grey Smoke

Lang Lusso ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Lusso - NEW COLOURS Code: LA945 Description: LUSSO is a superlight lace-weight yarn consisting of fine merino, silk, baby camel hair and super kid mohair. The baby camel hair component gives the yarn a wonderful softness and lovely volume. The camel hair originates in Asia. For hand-knitting yarns the down, the so-called undercoat, is used. In spring, this hair falls out in clumps, when the animals shed their coat. The downy hair is fine and crimped, distinctive for its softness, sheen and thermal qualities. You will be entranced by this especially fine quality. 36% Wool (Merino extrafine), 27% Silk, 19% Camel (Baby), 18% Mohair (Superkid) Meters Per Ball: 180m Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5mm | 22 stitches Pack Size: 10x25g ..


Lang Merino 120 ( 3-Light ,50g )

Yarn: Merino 120 - NEW COLOURS Code: LA34 Description: Produced from first class raw wool with all the know how gained through many years' experience, LANG YARNS MERINO is a fantastic yarn for all types of high quality knitted garments - a classic yarn not just for classic pieces! 100% Superwash Merino Meters Per Ball: 120 Needle Size/Tension: 3.5 - 4.5mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10x50g ..


Lang Merino 150 ( 2-Fine ,50g )

Yarn: Merino 150 Code: LA197 Description: Fantastic yarn for all fine quality knitting. The 100% Virgin wool composition produces a soft and springy fabric that holds it's shape. With 41 eye catching colours to choose from you will never have the problem of a knitting project shortage. What are you waiting for, lets cast on!!!! Meters Per Ball: 150 Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 3.5mm / 27sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..


Lang Merino 200 Bebe Color ( 1-Super Fine ,50g )

Yarn: Merino 200 Bebe Color Code: LA155 Description: Made of Australian merino wool, Lang Merino 200 Bebe Color is the perfect choice when knitting for baby! This collection contains 15 colour combinations that range from variegated, tonal, speckled, and jacquard prints. benefit from the beautiful colour work without having to change the ball! 100% Virgin Wool (Superwash) Meters Per Ball: 203 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5 - 3.5mm / 28sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..


LA926-0018-Blue LAgoonLA926-0067-Gold Copper Fields

Lang Merino+color ( 3-Light ,100g ) - DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Merino + Color Code: LA926 Description: Merino yarn produced from fine Australian merino wool with verigated colours. Lang Merino + Colour is a fantastic yarn for any extra special knitting projects. 100% Merino Superwash Meters Per Ball: 180m Needle Size/Tension: 4.5-5.5mm | 24 stitches Pack Size: 10x100g ..


LA967-0051-Peach BeachLA967-0061-Mauve Movement

Lang Mila Color ( 4-Medium ,50g )-DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Mila Color Code: LA967 Description: Knit up some cool stripes in cohesive colour combinations to put some pzazz in your knitting. 90% Superwash Virgin Wool, and 10% Nylon produce a plush fabric to swoon over, and fabric produced has all the interesting details and colour without the work! Meters Per Ball: 150 Needle Size/Tension: 5.5 - 6mm / 16sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..


LA845-0006-Summer StormLA845-0010-Electric BlueLA845-0013-Sunset Ora GeLA845-0014-InfraredLA845-0016-CaribbeanLA845-0024-Volcanic AshLA845-0025-Dark UnicornLA845-0033-Dust WaterLA845-0050-City NightLA845-0051-GrapevineLA845-0052-NebuLALA845-0053-Northern LightsLA845-0055-GriffinLA845-0056-MermaidLA845-0057-Blue PaintingLA845-0060-Desert SunLA845-0061-PhoenixLA845-0066-Misty MountainLA845-0067-PoLAr SunriseLA845-0068-BarnLA845-0075-WelLAndsLA845-0085-Cherry CoLALA845-0088-FogLA845-0096-MulberryLA845-0098-JungleLA845-0107-English GardenLA845-0118-ReptileLA845-0150-GypsyLA845-0151-Beach PartyLA845-0152-Orange StaticLA845-0153-Old Theme Park

Lang Mille Colori Baby ( 2-Fine ,50g )

Yarn: Mille Colori Baby Code: LA845 Description: Produced from first class raw wool with all the know how gained through many years' experience, LANG YARNS MILLE COLORI BABY is a fantastic yarn for all fine quality knitting.100% Merino Fine Wool Meters Per Ball: 190m Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5mm / 27 sts Pack Size: 10x50g ..


LA859-0035-Midnight Blue Sky

Lang Mille Colori Sock and Lace Luxe ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ) - DISCONTINUED

This gorgeous lace weight yarn is perfect for socks - but also for shawls and lacework! It comes in a range of self-patterning shades, blended in either contrasting colors or smooth-graduating hues! Knits up on size US 1.5 (2.5mm) - US 4 (3.5mm) needles. See less Craft Knitting, Crochet Brand Lang Yarns Yarn Weight Fingering Blend 75% Virgin Wool, 25% Polyamide Needles US 1.5 (2.5mm) - US 4 (3.5mm) Ball Weight 3.5oz Yarn Length 400m (437 yds) Gauge 28 stitches, 40 rows to 4" Care Machine Wash Gentle, Warm Iron, Low Do Not Bleach Tumble Dry, Normal, Low Heat Dry Clean in Certain Solvents ..



Lang Milton ( 4-Medium ,100g )- DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Milton - NEW YARN Code: LA982 Description: A twisted summer yarn with wonderful effects and a soft handle. 37% Cotton, 36% Acrylic, 27% Viscose Meters Per Ball: 290 Needle Size/Tension: 3.5-4mm / 21sts Pack Size: 10 x 100g ..


LA698-0001-WhiteLA698-0003-GreyLA698-0004-BLAckLA698-0005-SmokeLA698-0006-CobaltLA698-0010-Ocean NightLA698-0017-Light LimeLA698-0020-FogLA698-0022-SandLA698-0023-Grey MistLA698-0025-French NavyLA698-0027-Orange CottonLA698-0028-Bright CoralLA698-0029-CoralLA698-0058-Ocean TealLA698-0060-Red AppleLA698-0061-Red WineLA698-0062-CopperLA698-0063-ChocoLAteLA698-0066-Hot PinkLA698-0067-EspressoLA698-0070-Chimney DustLA698-0071-Pastel BlueLA698-0074-Bright TealLA698-0075-OrangeLA698-0079-TurquoiseLA698-0087-CopperLA698-0094-IvoryLA698-0096-Vintage FilmLA698-0097-Forest GreenLA698-0098-Light LimeLA698-0107-Oriental PurpleLA698-0109-Pinky PinkLA698-0113-Soft YellowLA698-0114-Bright YellowLA698-0116-Grass GreenLA698-0118-Fantasy GreenLA698-0122-ButterLA698-0126-FawnLA698-0128-PeachLA698-0133-Vintage BlueLA698-0145-Grape JuiceLA698-0148-Baby PinkLA698-0150-Sun GodLA698-0161-Peach CoLALA698-0164-BurgandyLA698-0167-Dusty GreenLA698-0168-CocoaLA698-0170-Dark CloudLA698-0174-AquaLA698-0175-Gold SunLA698-0180-MerlotLA698-0188-Pacific OceanLA698-0190-PlumLA698-0196-CamelLA698-0198-FirLA698-0199-Green EnchantmentLA698-0209-Pink FogLA698-0213-LemonLA698-0248-Pink DustLA698-0275-Red CoralLA698-0288-JadeLA698-0346-Plum JuiceLA698-0348-Pink Cotton

Lang Mohair Luxe ( 3-Light ,25g )

Lang Yarns Mohair Luxe   Superkid Mohair blended with silk - a featherlight yarn for fashionable accessories and more. 77% Mohair (Superkid) 23% Silk   Code: LA698 Meters Per Ball: 175m Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 3.5mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10x25g Colours: (69 Available) Categories: DK, Mohair, Silk ..


LA797-0001-CreamLA797-0004-BLAckLA797-0010-BlueLA797-0014-SunlightLA797-0016-IvyLA797-0023-SilverLA797-0028-CoralLA797-0063-CocoaLA797-0070-CharcoalLA797-0071-AquaLA797-0078-BlueberryLA797-0088-TealLA797-0174-Ice BlueLA797-0348-Mauve

Lang Mohair Luxe Lame ( 3-Light ,25g )

Yarn: Mohair Luxe Lame Code: LA797 Description: Superkid mohair mixed with silk - a feather-light yarn for fashion accessories and more. 73% Mohair, 18% Silk, 9% Polyester Meters Per Ball: 175 Needle Size/Tension: 3 3.5mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10 x 25g ..


LA917-0004-BLAckLA917-0005-Grey FogLA917-0070-Dusty Smoke

Lang Nova ( 3-Light ,25g )-DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Nova Code: LA917 Description: So soft and so light, this yarn comes in a beautiful range of shades. Composed of 48% Wool, 32% Camel and 20% Polyester. Meters Per Ball: 180 meters Needle Size/Tension: 4.5 - 5.0mm / 24sts Pack Size: 10x25g ..


LA783-0016-VerditeLA783-0017-Brazil GreenLA783-0028-Star RoseLA783-0127-VeronaLA783-0172-Ocean PearlLA783-0190-Follil

Lang Sol Degrade ( 4-Medium ,100g )-DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Sol Degrade Code: LA783 Description: Light knitted cotton yarn with attractive long-repeat degrade dye effect. 100% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 180m Needle Size/Tension: 5-5.5mm/18sts Pack Size: 10x100g ..


LA984-0005-SnowfallLA984-0006-DownpourLA984-0009-SakuraLA984-0016-Willow VinesLA984-0059-PenniesLA984-0060-Flower Petals

Lang Splash ( 4-Medium ,100g )

Yarn: Splash Code: LA984 Description: Like the spray from a wave, the bright dots of colour are spread over the cotton yarn. Spun from fine cotton, this yarn is comfortable to wear and is a pleasure to knit with. 77% Cotton, 23% Acrylic Meters Per Ball: 250 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm / 19sts Pack Size: 10 x 100g..


L908-0051-Purple IndieL908-0052-Orange IndieL908-0054-Vert IndieL908-0055-Moss IndieL908-0151-MochaL908-0152-HushL908-0153-Berry BlissL908-0154-AmazonL908-0155-MeringueL908-0156-SherbetL908-0251-GreyscaleL908-0252-Waters EdgeL908-0253-Grape CrushL908-0254-Grey MarlL908-0255-Tan MarlL908-0256-Aqua Marl

Lang Super Soxx Alpaca Superwash ( 1-Super Fine ,100g ) - DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Super Soxx Alpaca Superwash Code: L908 Description: 55% Wool, 25% Nylon, 20% Alpaca Meters Per Ball: 400m Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5 | 27 stitches Pack Size: 10x100g or 5x100g ..


LA777-0009-Easter EggLA777-0059-Sunset OrangeLA777-0064-Pyrope GarnetLA777-0106-LAgoonLA777-0148-MistyLA777-0175-Amuse

Lang Tosca Light ( 4-Medium ,100g ) -DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Tosca Light - NEW COLOURS Code: LA777 Description: Light-weight colourful yarn with complex dye repeats. 55% Superwash Wool, 45% Acrylic Meters Per Ball: 400 Needle Size/Tension: 4 - 4.5mm / 20sts Pack Size: 5x100g or 10x100g ..


LA1006-0051-Spring BlossomLA1006-0052-Water LilliesLA1006-0078-Starry NightLA1006-0090-Venice MountainsLA1006-0095-Autumn HillsideLA1006-0098-Mona Lisa

Lang Valerie ( 3-Light ,50g ) - DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Valerie - NEW YARN Code: LA1006 Description: Valerie is a delicate and light yarn with interesting printed shades. A Chain plied Wool/Nylon blend with soft fringes that feel luxurious and create an interesting texture. Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry 66% Wool, 34% Nylon Meters Per Ball: 140 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm | 22sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g ..



Lang Victoria ( 4-Medium ,100g ) - DISCONTINUED

Yarn: Victoria - NEW YARN Code: LA1009 Description: A high quality natural fibre yarn with lots of volume. Gradient dye repeats come through the mohair fibres, which already show a wonderful lustre. Knits up deliciously light. 60% Kid Mohair, 25% Cotton, 15% Extrafine Merino Wool Meters Per Ball: 300m Needle Size/Tension: 4mm | 19sts   ..


REL2117-7030_Beige/NaturalREL2117-7031_Light Grey/NaturalREL2117-7032_Tan/BlackREL2117-7033_Dark Grey/BlackREL2117-7034_Teal/GreenREL2117-7035_Blue/Grey

Rellana Garne Flotte Sock 6ply Mouline ( 3 - Light , 150g )

Yarn: Flotte Sock 6ply Mouline knits up into the classic look of a work sock, at a heavier gauge. 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Polyamide Code: L904 Code: REL2117 Meters Per Ball: 375 m Yards Per Ball: 410 yds Needle Size/Tension: 3.0-4.0mm | 22sts Pack Size: 5x150g or 10x150g Colours: (6 Available) Categories: Sock, Polyamide, Wool ..



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