Prym is said to be founded in 1530, when records indicate that Wilhelm Prym started up business as a goldsmith in Aachen.

However, in 1642 the Protestant Prym family moved to Stolberg and this is where the company's head office is still found today.

Today, Prym offers an even wider range of products: from press fasteners and knitting needles to contact pins and high-tech microelectronic components, our products can be found almost everywhere you look.

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Prym Maxi Knitting Mill

Prym knitting mill is a quick and easy, fun way to knit. The mill has a handle which you can turn to create knitted tubes with a diameter of up to 33cm and flat panels with a width up to 43cm - create scarves, bags, custhions, mats and much more. Works well with most yarns that are suitable for hand knitting. Different types may need different tensions - thin yarns should be threaded through all the notches on the tension guide, whilst chunky yarns produce a tighters knit when threaded through fewer notches. The knitting mill maxi comes with a Crank, mode switch, yarn guide, tension piece, handle, plastic needle, legs and instructions. ..



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