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LK-150 6.5mm Hobby Knitting Machine

LK-150 Knitting Machine FREE SHIPPING ONLY APPLIED IN ONTARIO. Great knitting machine for beginners! The LK-150 is the closest machine to hand-knitting - whilst hand knitting is donw on 2 needles, stitch by stitch, it's done row by row on the LK-150 on 150 needles. Why knit with 2 needles, when you can knit with 150 instead? Light weight and portable, this machine offers a quick and easy way to create stockinette fibre. It's ideal for sport, DK and 4ply worsted weight yarns. Features: compact and lightweight, you can use this mid-gauge knitting machine in the smallest of spaces and carry and store it easily The dual tension yarn feed regulates tension and reduces slack The sponge bar holds the needles in position Not for commercial use - this is a hobby machine. No ribber attachment available Made in China Specifications: Needle Pitch: 6.5mm (3.9 gauge) /*13mm(2 gauge), 6.5mm Needle Spacing Number of Needles: 150, metal Dimensions: ..



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