Bamboo Blends

BO-BG79-01_WhiteBO-BG79-02_YellowBO-BG79-03_PeachBO-BG79-04_OrangeBO-BG79-05_AvocadoBO-BG79-06_EmeraldBO-BG79-07_ForestBO-BG79-08_WedgewoodBO-BG79-09_PeriwinkleBO-BG79-10_BubblegumBO-BG79-11_CarnationBO-BG79-12_RoseBO-BG79-13_WineBO-BG79-14_LavenderBO-BG79-15_LilacBO-BG79-16_SilverBO-BG79-17_IndigoBO-BG79-18_BlackBO-BG79-50_Cream VariegateBO-BG79-51_Avocado VariegateBO-BG79-52_Forest VariegateBO-BG79-53_Blue VariegateBO-BG79-54_Aqua VariegateBO-BG79-55_Slate VariegateBO-BG79-56_Mink VariegateBO-BG79-57_Lavender VariegateBO-BG79-58_Mink

Borgo de'Pazzi Giada Yarn ( 5 - Bulky )

Yarn: Giada - NEW YARN Code: BO-BG79 Description: Giada is a soft and luxurious bamboo blend that makes beautiful chunky baby items, soft sweaters, and cozy blankets. Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry. 50% Bamboo, 50% Polyamide Meters Per Ball: 140 Needle Size/Tension: 6mm | 16sts Pack Size: 10x100g..



Borgo de'Pazzi Lotus Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Lotus - NEW YARN Code: BO-BG70 Description: 30% Bamboo, 30% Linen come together to produce yarn with incredible softness, memory and bounce. Lotus is lightweight and the cooling properties of bamboo make it a great choice to wear next to the skin. Meters Per Ball: 150 Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5mm Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


BO-BG63-120_CreamBO-BG63-121_Bamboo ShootsBO-BG63-122_TurquoiseBO-BG63-123_PeachBO-BG63-124_Himalayan SaltBO-BG63-125_Oyster

Borgo de'Pazzi Olmeca Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Olmeca Code: BO-BG63 Description: Olmeca is a light-weight airy yarn made of 70% Bamboo, 30% Linen. This composition produces a fabric with a soft sheen and incredible drape. Olmeca is silky-smooth to the touch and the cooling effects of bamboo make it an ideal choice to wear against the skin. Meters Per Ball: 300 Needle Size/Tension: 3-3.5mm / 21sts Pack Size: 10 x 100g..


BO-BG82-1_PeachBO-BG82-2_PinkBO-BG82-3_Light BlueBO-BG82-4_AquaBO-BG82-5_SlateBO-BG82-6_Green & BrownBO-BG82-7_Green

Borgo de'Pazzi Stella Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine )

Yarn: Stella - NEW YARN Code: BO-BG82 Description: Stella is a soft bamboo blend, with a beautiful sheen and smooth texture. Perfect for baby items, or lightweight garments and accessories. Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. 50% Bamboo, 50% Microfiber Meters Per Ball: 210 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5 - 3.5mm I 30stitches Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


KC030_1642_Sugar PinkKC030_1643_Pale GreenKC030_1644_BluebellKC030_1645_WisteriaKC030_1810_GrapeKC030_3049_JaffaKC030_3050_CyclamenKC030_3051_VanillaKC030_3199_LemonKC030_3200_CandyKC030_516_PinkKC030_518_IceKC030_522_GreyKC030_530_WhiteKC030_531_PeacockKC030_533_GreenKC030_534_BlackKC030_536_FuschiaKC030_538_CreamKC030_542_NavyKC030_543_OysterKC030_609_GlacierKC030_610_PebbleKC030_618_Dusty PinkKC030_619_DenimKC030_625_Old GoldKC030_626_EarthKC030_628_MauveKC030_634_CrimsonKC030_635_LawnKC030_637_Saffron

KingCole Bamboo Cotton ( 3-Light,100g )

Yarn: Bamboo Cotton DK Code: KC030 Description: Made from 100% natural fibers, this yarn is perfect for delicate skin. 50% Bamboo, 50% Cotton Meters Per Ball: 230 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm / 22sts Pack Size: 12 x 100g..


FDC13-201_SilverFDC13-202_GoldFDC13-204_BrownFDC13-209_BlackFDC13-212_Cobalt - NEWFDC13-213_Emerald - NEW

Filatura Di Crosa Night Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine )

Yarn: Night Code: FDC13 Description: 65% Viscose, 35% Nylon Meters Per Ball: 287m Needle Size/Tension: - Pack Size: 10x25g..


FDC43-01_LakeFDC43-02_SunsetFDC43-03_Orange/BlueFDC43-04_BrazilFDC43-05_BordeauxFDC43-06_OrangeFDC43-07_MulticolorFDC43-08_Blue Sea

Filatura Di Crosa Satin Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Satin Code: FDC43 Description: Satin is a shimmery yarn that's perfect for pretty summer tops and accessories. 40% Cotton, 35% Acrylic, 25% Viscose Meters Per Ball: 100 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm | 20sts Pack Size: 10x50g..


FDC35-10_Moon LandingFDC35-11_Meteor ShowerFDC35-12_Solar FlareFDC35-13_Space CadetFDC35-14_Polar SunriseFDC35-15_ConstilationFDC35-16_Red PlanetFDC35-17_OrbitFDC35-18_Solar SystemFDC35-19_Comet

Filatura Di Crosa Solare Yarn ( 4 - Medium)

Yarn: Solare Code: FDC35 Description: Softly twisted with inserts of metallic glitz and glam, Filatura Di Crosa's Solare is out of this world! 10 playful colour options to delight the senses and make for a truly "space-ial" experience. 77% Cotton, 17% Viscose, 6% Polyamide Meters Per Ball: 95 Needle Size/Tension: 4 - 4.5mm / 20sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..



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