Cashmere Blends


Borgo de'Pazzi Rita - NEW YARN Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Rita - NEW YARN Code: BO-BG81 Description: Rita is a luxuriously soft Merino and Cashmere blend. With one thick ply and one thin ply, this yarn adds a beautiful and subtle texture to knitted projects. Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry. 90% Superfine Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere Meters Per Ball: 180 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm | 18sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


FDC11-01_WhiteFDC11-02_IvoryFDC11-03_Sandy BrownFDC11-04_YellowFDC11-05_Pink PowderFDC11-06_Baby BlueFDC11-07_Baby GreenFDC11-08_OrangeFDC11-09_Light LavenderFDC11-12_Prussian BlueFDC11-13_SilverFDC11-14_EbonyFDC11-17_VioletFDC11-19_Bronze

Filatura Di Crosa New Bollicina Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine )

Yarn: New Bollicina Code: FDC11 Description: An incredibly soft and lightweight blend of 40% Extrafine Merino, 30% Cashmere, 30% Silk. Weightless and airy, New Bollicina is knits up beautifully with bounce and body. Great for scarfs and shawls! Meters Per Ball: 100m Needle Size/Tension: 3 - 3.5mm / 26sts Pack Size: 10x25g..


KFOU_1_MidnightKFOU_2_DreamscapeKFOU_3_Silent NightKFOU_4_Morning MistKFOU_5_Emerald LakeKFOU_6_Tidal WaveKFOU_7_SplendeurKFOU_8_Crimson GloryKFOU_9_Bordeaux PetalKFOU_10_EternityKFOU_11_Blue RidgeKFOU_12_Oasis

Juniper Moon Farm Fourteen Yarn

Juniper Moon Farm brings you a stunning worsted weight yarn with their new Fourteen line. Rich jewel tones in merino and cashmere are as luxurious as you can imagine! This all natural yarn has an i-cord construction for superior strength and durability, while still retaining the delicious feel of these luxurious fibers. Excellent for garments worn close to the skin for that super soft feel and comfort. ..



MY903 | Comfort Sock Cashmere Yarn ( 2 - Fine )

Yarn: MY903 | Comfort Sock Cashmere Code: MY903 Description: 65% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon, 10% Cashmere Meters Per Ball: 420 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5 - 3.5mm I 30sts Pack Size: 5x100g or 10x100g ..


RI383229-001-WhiteRI383229-002-CamelRI383229-003-Dusty RoseRI383229-004-BlushRI383229-005-PewterRI383229-006-WhisperRI383229-007-SteelRI383229-008-Nightfall

Rico Essentials Cotton Silk Cashmere DK Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Essentials Cotton Silk Cashmere DK Code: RI383229 Description: Soft to the touch with a look of elegance due to the contemporary colour selection. Rico's Essentials Cotton Silk Cashmere DK is the luxurious choice for chic tots and adults alike. 75% Cotton, 15% Silk, 10% Cashmere Available Jan-Feb 2018 Meters Per Ball: 130 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


4001_648004_PurePearl4002_648004_Cherish Cream4004_648004_Warm Cocoa4009_648004_Pear4010_648004_AutumnLeaves4011_648004_Cobalt4016_648004_Victorian Rose4017_648004_Paradise Pink4018_648004_Ruby4019_648004_Aquamarine4021_648004_Cardinal4022_648004_Platinum4023_648004_Charcoal4024_648004_Midnight4026_648004_Pear4028_648004_VioletWash4029_648004_ClearSky4030_648004_TrueNavy4032_648004_JadeGreen

Sugar Bush Bliss Yarn

Sugar Bush Bliss yarn blends extrafine superwash merino wool, mulberry silk and cashmere into a luxurious soft yarn. It's perfect for cowls, scarves, and luxury apparel. Machine washable. Weight: 2 - Fine (Sport) | Ball Weight: 1.75 oz. / 50 g | Ball Length: 105 yards / 96 m Content: 70% Extrafine Superwash Merino Wool, 20% Mulberry Silk, 10% Cashmere ..


5001_648005_Buttercream5003_648005_Midnight5004_648005_Crimson5007_648005_Faded Denim5008_648005_Indigo5014_648005_Arctic Sky5019_648005_Heavenly Teals5022_648005_Rural Paradise5024_648005_Pastel Pizzazz

Sugar Bush Itty-Bitty Yarn

Just imagine the lace you can knit or crochet with this beautiful yarn! It's perfect for light-weight projects of all seasons. From boot cuff warmers to lacy light sweaters for the beach. From warm socks to gorgeous shawls. Super fine blend of merino and nylon with an infusion of cashmere for ultimate comfort and softness. Need a pattern for this yarn? Check out the ITTY-BITTY Pattern Book by Sugar Bush Yarns - especially designed for this luxury yarn. Skeins come in 50g (1.75oz) weight and 140m (153 yards) length. 27 - 32 sts = 4" (10cm) on US 1 - 3 (2.25 - 3.25mm) The origin of this yarn is Italy. ..


LA971-0001-WhiteLA971-0003-SilverLA971-0004-BLAckLA971-0005-HeatherLA971-0009-PinkLA971-0011-MustardLA971-0014-YellowLA971-0025-IndigoLA971-0027-TangerineLA971-0028-CoralLA971-0033-BlueLA971-0048-PlumeLA971-0060-RedLA971-0063-MaroonLA971-0066-PurpleLA971-0068-BarkLA971-0072-AquaLA971-0088-Sky BlueLA971-0094-CreamLA971-0096-BirchLA971-0098-Pine

Lang Cashmere Cotton ( 2-Fine ,25g )

纱线:羊绒棉 代码:LA971 描述:由55%开司米羊绒和45%棉组成,具有chainette结构,很好的东西真的有小包装! 手感柔软,重量轻,易于编织,穿着奢华! 每球米数:85 针尺寸/张力:3.5 - 4.5mm / 22sts 包装尺寸:10 x 25g ..



Lang Cashmerino for Babies and more ( 2-Fine ,50g )

纱线:婴儿的Cashmerino和更多 - 新纱 代码:LA1012 描述:即将推出! Lang Cashmerino for Babies and More是一款超柔软易护理纱线。 适合所有婴儿用品和儿童服装,包括毛毯,毛衣,玩具,帽子,袜子等等! 机洗凉爽,干燥平整。 55%羊毛,33%丙烯酸,12%羊绒 每球米数:125 针尺寸/张力:3-3.5mm | 25 sts 包装尺寸:10x50g ..


LA970-0003-CloudLA970-0004-BLAckLA970-0005-French GreyLA970-0011-ButterscotchLA970-0022-SandLA970-0025-NavyLA970-0026-NaturalLA970-0033-Soft SkyLA970-0034-LAke BlueLA970-0039-WheatLA970-0048-MauveLA970-0061-SiennaLA970-0068-UmberLA970-0070-DenimLA970-0088-TealLA970-0098-Forest

Lang Cashsoft Baby ( 2-Fine ,25g )

纱线:Cashsoft Baby 代码:LA970 产品简介:Cashsoft Baby采用再生羊绒和美利奴羊毛制成,是一款非常柔软,奢华的纱线。 这种纱线非常适合婴儿服装,而且非常温暖但轻便的冬季配饰。 手洗凉爽,平放晾干。 50%再生羊绒,50%Extrafine美利奴羊毛 每球米数:120 针尺寸/张力:3-3.5mm | 26 sts 包装尺寸:10x25g ..


L903-0003-Spring GardenL904-0001-RedsL904-0003-BrownsL904-0004-BluesL904-0008-CharcoalL904-0009-RustL904-0011-Green OliveL904-0012-Dark DenimL904-0013-Charcoal GreenL904-0014-Smokey SkyL904-0015-Dark WoodL904-0016-Burnt WineL904-0017-Forest GreenL904-0018-Blue SmokeL904-0019-DownpourL904-0020-SageL904-0021-PeachL904-0022-CoralL904-0023-Clear SkyL904-0024-PeaL904-0025-ReganbogenL904-0026-Pastel

Lang Super Soxx Color Cashmere ( 1-Super Fine ,100g )

Yarn: Super Soxx Color Cashmere Code: L904 Description: 65% Virgin Wool, 25% Polyamid and 10% Cashmere makes for the ultimate in luxurious socks. Such a treat! To both knit, and wear. New colours available February 2018 Note: With the two new Degrade shades, you can knit 2 identical socks. There is a separation of undyed yarn between the 2 identical portions of degrade in the middle of the ball, to show where the colours end. Meters Per Ball: 380 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5-3.5mm Pack Size: 10x100g OR 5x100g ..


FDC16-001_CloudFDC16-002_EcruFDC16-016_BlackFDC16-027_SmokeFDC16-045_RoseFDC16-060_SandFDC16-063_Navy BlueFDC16-083_Dusty RedFDC16-084_BurgundyFDC16-095_CharcoalFDC16-098_PeriwinkleFDC16-100_PaprikaFDC16-102_SunflowerFDC16-103_TurquoiseFDC16-104_CoralFDC16-105_Royal BlueFDC16-106_TangerineFDC16-107_CaramelFDC16-108_FawnFDC16-110_Champagne - NEWFDC16-111_Seafoam - NEWFDC16-112_Lilac - NEWFDC16-114_Rose - NEWFDC16-115_Chartreuse - NEWFDC16-116_Carnation - NEWFDC16-117_Stone - NEW

Filatura Di Crosa Superior Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine )

Yarn: Superior Code: FDC16 Description: 70% Cashmere, 25% Silk, 5% Superfine Merino Meters Per Ball: 300m Needle Size/Tension: 3mm | 23 stitches Pack Size: 10x25g..



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