RI383098-001-WhiteRI383098-002-CreamRI383098-003-EcruRI383098-004-VanillaRI383098-005-RedRI383098-006-PinkRI383098-007-FuschiaRI383098-008-Light BlueRI383098-009-BlueRI383098-010-Green

Rico Baby Classic 4 ply Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Baby Classic 4 ply Code: RI383098 Description: 50% Acrylic, 50% Polyamide Meters Per Ball: 220m Needle Size/Tension: 3mm Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


RI383981-001-WhiteRI383981-002-CreamRI383981-003-VanillaRI383981-004-PinkRI383981-007-LilacRI383981-009-RedRI383981-010-PetrolRI383981-012-FuchsiaRI383981-014-BlueRI383981-015-Navy BlueRI383981-016-PurpleRI383981-017-GreigeRI383981-018-OrangeRI383981-019-Candy PinkRI383981-020-EcruRI383981-023-Ice BlueRI383981-024-Blue TwistRI383981-025-TurquoiseRI383981-026-Turquoise TwistRI383981-027-Light Green - NEWRI383981-028-GreenRI383981-029-Green TwistRI383981-030-Purple TwistRI383981-031-Light GreyRI383981-032-AnthraciteRI383981-033-MelonRI383981-034-CoralRI383981-035-GrassRI383981-036-JeanRI383981-037-ClayRI383981-038-PowderRi383981-039-Smoky RoseRI383981-040-Dusky PinkRI383981-041-MauveRI383981-042-Smoky BlueRI383981-043-Silver GreyRI383981-044-Steel GreyRI383981-045-Baby Pink - NEWRI383981-050-Olive - NEWRI383981-052-Orchid - NEWRI383981-056-Midnight - NEW

Rico Baby Classic DK Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Baby Classic DK Code: RI383981 Description: 50% Acrylic, 50% Polyamide Meters Per Ball: 165m Needle Size/Tension: 3.5-4mm Pack Size: 10x50g ..


RI383211-001-Cotton CandyRI383211-002-Spring GardenRI383211-003-RainbowRI383211-004-Rocky

Rico Baby Classic Print DK Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Baby Classic Print DK - NEW YARN Code: RI383211 Description: Rico Baby Classic Print dk is a wonderful soft yarn, which is composed equally of polyamide and acrylic. Machine wash cool, tumble dry low. 50% Acrylic, 50% Polyamide Meters Per Ball: 165 Needle Size/Tension: 3.5-4mm | 23sts Pack Size: 10x50g..


RI383194-001-PeachyRI383194-002-Strawberry SorbetRI383194-003-Pink / Blue MixRI383194-004-Spring MixRI383194-005-Autumn MixRI383194-006-Blueberry SorbetRI383194-007-Red / Purple Mix - NEWRI383194-008-Purple / Pink Mix - NEWRI383194-009-Pastel Mix - NEWRI383194-010-Beige / Green Mix - NEW

Rico Baby Dream DK Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Baby Dream DK - NEW COLOURS Code: RI383194 Description: 50% Acrylic, 50% Polyamide With it's incredibly soft hand feel and six enchanting colour combinations to choose from, Rico baby dream dk is sure to add that special touch to any knit project. Meters Per Ball: 122 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


RI383208-001-SnowfallRI383208-002-EuphoriaRI383208-003-PinkRI383208-004-Hot PinkRI383208-005-Peach SodaRI383208-006-RougeRI383208-007-Ice BlueRI383208-008-Cool MintRI383208-009-GreenRI383208-010-Soft GoldRI383208-011-SilverRI383208-012-Black

Rico Creative Bubble Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Creative Bubble Code: RI383208 Description: Thanks to Creative Bubble, boring sponges are a thing of the past! 12 fun and bright colours to choose from. Let your immagination run wild and get "Creative". 100% Polyester Meters Per Ball: 90 Needle Size/Tension: 2mm / 24sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


RI383207-001-IndieRI383207-002-SimcoeRI383207-003-SumatraRI383207-004-CalvinRI383207-005-RoslynRI383207-006-JoyceRI383207-007-Suzanne - NEWRI383207-008-Ginger - NEWRI383207-009-Cassandra- NEWRI383207-010-Theodore - NEWRI383207-011-Ernest - NEWRI383207-012-Rebecca - NEW

Rico Creative Melange Lace Yarn ( 2 - Fine )

Yarn: Creative Melange Lace Code: RI383207 Description: Creative Melange Lace is a very thin print yarn with a fine, even thread. Due to the soft structure, the cotton blend is perfect for garments with a modern lace pattern. The delicate thread creates a very even structure when knitted right. Perfect for the summer! 95% Cotton , 5% Polyester Meters Per Ball: 260 Needle Size/Tension: 2.5mm / 31sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


RI383232-001-CreamRI383232-002-Light BrownRI383232-003-PinkRI383232-004-MustardRI383232-005-Blue-GreyRI383232-006-Black

Rico Creative Natur Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Creative Natur Code: RI383232 Description: Due to its dimensional stability, Creative Natur is perfect for home decor projects, such as planters, desktop accessories, small boxes and baskets, or bags. 100% hemp Suggested Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Meters Per Ball: 100 Needle Size/Tension: 3.5-4mm / 17sts Pack Size: 10x50g..


RI383229-001-WhiteRI383229-002-CamelRI383229-003-Dusty RoseRI383229-004-BlushRI383229-005-PewterRI383229-006-WhisperRI383229-007-SteelRI383229-008-Nightfall

Rico Essentials Cotton Silk Cashmere DK Yarn ( 3 - Light )

Yarn: Essentials Cotton Silk Cashmere DK Code: RI383229 Description: Soft to the touch with a look of elegance due to the contemporary colour selection. Rico's Essentials Cotton Silk Cashmere DK is the luxurious choice for chic tots and adults alike. 75% Cotton, 15% Silk, 10% Cashmere Available Jan-Feb 2018 Meters Per Ball: 130 Needle Size/Tension: 4mm / 22sts Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


RI383137-001-Orange MixRI383137-002-Red MixRI383137-003-Purple MixRI383137-004-Blue MixRI383137-005-Green MixRI383137-006-Brown Mix

Rico Essentials Crochet Print Yarn ( 1 - Super Fine )

Yarn: Essentials Crochet Print - NEW YARN Code: RI383137 Description: This gorgeous and shiny 100% crochet cotton comes in a fabulous range of tonal colours, and is perfect for all of your crocheting needs. Meters Per Ball: 280 Needle Size/Tension: 2mm Pack Size: 10x50g..


RI383110-001-WhiteRI383110-002-BeigeRI383110-003-OrangeRI383110-004-RedRI383110-005-FuchsiaRI383110-006-LilacRI383110-007-PurpleRI383110-008-EmeraldRI383110-009-Light GreenRI383110-010-TurquoiseRI383110-011-Mouse GreyRI383110-012-BlackRI383110-013-YellowRI383110-014-PowderRI383110-015-Smoky RoseRI383110-016-Dusky PinkRI383110-017-Smoky BlueRI383110-018-Silver GreyRI383110-019-Steel GreyRI383110-020-VanillaRI383110-021-PinkRI383110-022-SalmonRI383110-023-MintRI383110-024-PatinaRI383110-025-GoldRI383110-026-GreenRI383110-027-Nude

Rico Essentials Crochet Yarn ( 2 - Fine )

Yarn: Essentials Crochet Code: RI383110 Description: This gorgeous and shiny 100% crochet cotton comes in a fabulous range of colours, and is perfect for all of your crocheting needs. Meters Per Ball: 280 meters Needle Size/Tension: 2 mm Pack Size: 10 x 50g..


RI383198-017-Yellow - NEWRI383198-018-Melon - NEWRI383198-019-Red - NEWRI383198-020-Orange - NEWRI383198-021-Fuchsia - NEWRI383198-022-Turquoise - NEWRI383198-023-Blue - NEWRI383198-001-WhiteRI383198-010-PinkRI383198-011-Orange SorbetRI383198-012-LimeRI383198-013-BlushRI383198-014-BerryRI383198-015-WineRI383198-016-TealRI383198-002-IceRI383198-003-PeachRI383198-004-RustRI383198-006-SlateRI383198-007-BlackRI383198-008-GreyRI383198-009-Light Pink

Rico Essentials Super Kid Mohair Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Essentials Super Kid Mohair - NEW COLOURS Code: RI383198 Description: Essentials Super Kid Mohair Loves Silk is a high-quality yarn mixture of Mohair Super Kid and silk. This super soft and light yarn is especially usable for light scarves. 70% Mohair, 20% Silk, 10% Nylon Meters Per Ball: 200 Needle Size/Tension: 4.5mm / 23sts Pack Size: 10 x 25g..


RI383216-001-CreamRI383216-002-EcruRI383216-003-Light GreyRI383216-004-Medium GreyRI383216-005-Anthracite

Rico Luxury Alpaca Superfine Aran Yarn ( 4 - Medium )

Yarn: Luxury Alpaca Superfine Aran Code: RI383216 Description: Luxury Alpaca Superfine Aran has an interesting braided structure. A yarn that is soft, airy and lightweight, this Alpaca and Polyamide blend is perfect for sweaters and cardigans, or warm winter accessories. 63% Alpaca, 37% Polyamide Suggested Care: Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry Meters Per Ball: 150 Needle Size/Tension: 3.75-4mm / 18-20sts Pack Size: 10x50g..



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